The hydrangea houses

I took this picture when we stayed in the Saint Austell area for my cousin’s wedding which took place at The Vean. I highly recommend this venue if you are considering getting married in Cornwall, the staff is lovely, the venue beautiful and the area truly charming!

Cornwall – 2012



The ochre palace

There is a reason why Petra is considered one of the most beautiful place on earth. You get from the buzz of the town, into the canyons, and end up facing this beauty… You can hear every single person arriving whispering a “wow”, quite magical…

Petra – 2012


Yellow cat, yellow wall

Walking through the streets of Sorrento I saw this wall and was really drawn to the colour. I got closer and that little fur ball walked past me. A fur and wall match made in heaven and the perfect photography opportunity.

Sorrento – 2013


Un gelato per favore

What is the Italian version of the ice-cream truck? A little gelato-vespa! Isn’t it the cutest thing?

Ravello – 2013


Ancient graffitis

These ancient graffitis were found in Wadi Rum (Jordan). I always find it amazing how with very little tools and no ink or paint some humans, hundreds of years ago, succeeded drawing on these rocks in the middle of no where. I also love how you can really identify the camels, a little dog and some humans.

Wadi Rum – 2012


Arches galore

I took this picture on my first trip outside of London after becoming a proper Londoner. Harry Potter was filmed there and Lacock Abbey was used as a background for some of the Hogwarts scenes. I would also highly recommend visiting the village surrounding it which was used as a background for the BBC Pride & Prejudice.

England – 2011



A hike in the Highlands is highly recommended if you want to take nice snaps of rolling hills and sheep.

Scotland – 2013


3 little rocks

If you have the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast, I really recommend taking a day to go to Capri. We went on the semi-private boat tour organised by Amalfi Boat Excursion and it was perfect! The group was small enough that by the end of the day you had new friends, the guides were knowledgeable and entertaining, the boats really nice and we were given just the right amount of time to spend on Capri.

Amalfi Coast – 2013


The town on the cliff

Amalfi Coast – 2013