Towers of magnolia

I absolutely love magnolias, probably one of my favourite tree and flower. So when I found one rising through NYC concrete jungle I had to take a picture! What is your favourite Spring flower?

New York – 2012



Dreaming of summer

We experienced 4 seasons in one day in London, today. Snow, thunder, name it, we got it! Now I am just dreaming of a warm day in the sun with a spectacular sunset like this one I captured in Jordan.

Jordan – 2012


Ginger McGinge

Here is a little friend we made while having dinner at the Movenpick hotel in Aqaba. Jordan has a lot of street cats which bear very little resemblance with our European cats. Middle-Eastern cats are sleek and thin like little sphinx waiting for some seafood to drop on the floor.

Aqaba – 2012


Beyond the plam trees

Picture taken at sunset right by the poussada Côté Sud we were staying at for my cousin wedding. We of course toasted to that beautiful end of the day with coconut water, pure bliss…

Brazil – 2013


The mountain in the clouds

That was the first time I had ever seen a lenticular cloud while driving past Ben Nevis in Scotland. They look like giant fluffy flying saucers.

Scotland – 2013


Straight ahead

I have been very fortunate to visit Edinburgh for the first time on a very sunny day. Visiting the castle is a must and offers some of the best views in the city.

Edinburgh – 2013


Little man, big canyon

Our guide in Wadi Rum was the friendliest chap! He was a genuine Bedouin and knew all the hidden gems of this national park. He also loved posing for picture hence him featuring on a fair amount of my Wadi Rum shots. 🙂

Wadi Rum – 2012


Cheering crowds

I took this picture while attending my cousin’s wedding in São Miguel dos Milagres, Brazil. They decided to get married in this very little village about 3 hours drive from Recife. It was such a special occasion and what made it even more special was that the entire village came to cheer for the newly weds at the end of the ceremony. It was so heart-warming to see these dozens of people genuinely happy for my cousin and his wife.

São Miguel dos Milagres – 2013


Where rocks meet the ocean

Now let’s talk about one of the most beautiful road trip you could ever go on. If you have the opportunity make sure to take the Chapman’s Peak Drive in South Africa. There is beautiful and omg-this-is-so-beautiful-I-am-speechless, well this drive definitely fall in the later category. No wonder a lot of car markers film their ad campaign there.

South Africa – 2011