Ancient glow

Bath is my favourite city in England. As soon as you step out into the streets you feel like you are in a Jane Austen book. Last time i went I stayed in the loveliest apartment which I highly recommend if you want to stay in a cosy but luxurious period property.

Bath – 2011




It’s rainy and miserable in London so daydreaming is in order.

London – 2011


At the top of the world

Not matter how high you think the Burj Khalifa is, it is 5 times higher!

It well worth a visit just to see the endless desert on one side and the endless sea of skyscrapers on the other.

Dubai – 2014


Hidden places

Today I am missing all the mystery of Petra. Such a magical place… God, I need a vacation…

Petra – 2012


Little hunter

I am not a cat person.

I take that back, I used to not be a cat person. And then… I got a cat… It was a birthday gift for my now-husband. He always wanted a cat and I always have been an animal person, so I thought ‘why not?’.

We went to a rescue centre, a little ball of fur start meowing at us, and that was it our hearts were taken! Now my phone is full of cat picture!

The ball of fur in question is not in this picture but since I got more into cats I love spying at their behaviours, wondering what is going on in their little heads.

Brazil – 2013


The end of the day

See you later weekend, you’ve been good to me and I cannot wait to see you again in 5 short days!

Jordan – 2012


Rainbow street

This picture makes me happy! Actually the whole Bo-Kaap neighbourhood in Cape Town is such a pretty place that walking around immediately puts in a good moon.

Cape Town – 2011


That summer feeling

Big and emotional day in the UK today… Not sure yet if they’ll keep me or if I’ll be kicked out but in the meantime I am so ready for the weekend to relax and forget about it all for 2 short days.

Dubai – 2014