I have a confession, I genuinely thought I would absolutely hate Dubai the first time I went. This city seemed so artificial to me, every thing would be fake and tacky.

Now I have another confession, I actually enjoyed my time in Dubai! Yes everything is very artificial but it is a very impressive city. The architecture is pushed to the limit, the options for food are endless and you can, if you want, explore most authentic neighbourhoods like Deira to have a glimpse of how/where locals live.

Dubai -2014



Little pieces of goodness

Planning a trip to NYC soon? Make sure to swing by Eileen’s Special Cheesecake for a taste of one of the best cheesecakes in town. I am one of those weird people who doesn’t really like cheesecake (I know… I know…) but I loved the blueberry one!

New York City – 2012

Eileen's Special Cheesecake New York


The Vimy Memorial is one of the most impressive war memorial I have ever visited. The structure, the views, well worth a visit. It has been built to remember all Canadians who served their country during the First World War.

France – 2011


Sunset on the savanna

What can I say, I am a sucker for sunsets and South Africa makes it very difficult to take any bad picture of them.

South Africa – 2011


A bumpy ride

When going on a desert safari in Wadi Rum you will/should have the opprtunity to ride through the desert on camel. I highly recommend you try because 1) it’s surprisingly comfortable (well for women it is) and 2) you will feel like Lawrence of Arabia when entering this vast desert like a proper Bedouin.

Wadi Rum – 2012


Rainy day in London

A very rainy Monday here in London… June has been pretty bad here with only a couple of days of summer weather.

On a rainy day though I recommend having a walk in Brompton Cemetery. It is a beautiful place and the rain gives it a very mystical atmosphere.

London – 2011


Planes, trains and automobiles

Where to next? I am thinking Chicago or Mexico in the autumn and Japan next year.

Recife – 2013


Where the sea is grey

Take me back to Scotland where the sea is grey and the landscapes ridiculously photogenic…

I have been back in London for 2 days, after 3 weeks away from the big city, and I am already craving for fresh air again.

Scotland – 2013


Somewhere beyond the sea

Don’t judge me but I hate aquariums! Probably something to do with the two suicidal goldfish I had when I was a kid. Pretty traumatic experience for a 3-years-old… Bob, Bill, I still miss you.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am always amazed by the beauty and grace of all the sea creatures and the mystical lighting of aquariums (great for pictures!). But still, I prefer all animals where they belong.

Dubai – 2014


Blues and greys

There is something about the sea-side… My now-husband keeps saying that we should consider moving somewhere closer to the coast. Any suggestions of a vibrant city on a coast somewhere in Europe?

Cornwall – 2012