Gunmetal sunset

Change of clock means early sunset! So I thought I may as well embrace it with a sunset post. So far this has been the only ‘grey’ sunset I have ever captured!

Brazil – 2013



Monday feeling

Obviously my suffering is nothing in comparison with the Irish famine illustrate by this sculpture by Robert Shure, in Boston, but still… Monday is painful…

Boston – 2012



Some memorials are translating perfectly the sacrifice of great men.

France – 2011


English countryside

Quintessential British landscape, complement of the Cornwall countryside.

Cornwall – 2012


Cloud wonderment

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Thailand, more specifically the beautiful Phuket. I mean… Wow!

Thailand – 2014



Best way to describe Wadi Rum… It’s grand and beautiful! And this is probably one of the best picture I have ever taken.

Wadi Rum – 2012


I lost my glove?

I love little pieces of art like this one. I could have also name this one “I lost my comb!”

Boston – 2012


Room Inspiration – Dining Room

Our dining room isn’t really a room but a dining space as our living area is all open plan.

For this area I wanted to create something contemporary and fresh with a rustic twist. Below is a picture of the space I am re-designing (apology for the low quality, it came from the estate agent). As you can see it was previously fairly well decorated so no need to repaint, but the furniture just isn’t my style. I am not big on warm colours (especially orange) and the whole look was a little too seventies/plastic for me.

dining room before

I knew from the start that I wanted modern miss-match chairs and a rustic solid wood table. I used the below pictures as inspiration for my ‘modern-rustic’ dining room and you can see how it turned up here!

dining room inspiration
dining room inspiration
dining room inspiration
dining room inspiration
dining room inspiration

See how my new dining room turned up here!