Istanbul by night

Istanbul is fairly magical to begin with, but when it gets dark and all the mosques light up like little stars it becomes truly breathtaking.

Istanbul – 2015



A British roadtrip

Rolling hills, fields greener than green, and clouds? Looks like the ultimate British roadtrip to me!

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014


Escaping winter

Today is freezing in London, and like these beautiful gooses I wish I could flying away from the cold!

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014



“I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” Albert Einstein

Istanbul – 2015


In the news

Typical Italian scene in this Salerno’s park. I really envy the Italians’ life philosophy, always taking the time to read the paper or drink a coffee.

Salerno – 2013


The sand town

What I loved about Aqaba is how it is almost camouflaged in the sand and the mountains.

Aqaba – 2012



Just your average street in Dubai. I left this place with a painful neck…

Dubai – 2014


People and islands

This week (belated) Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Krabi, Thailand.

I like how there are as many people as there are islands on this picture.

Krabi – 2014


Reading nook – Reveal

As I mentioned a little while ago, British new builds have so little storage that you need to be very creative and make the most of any negative space available. In my case, I had the space you can see below that just had an armchair and decorative cases. I really wanted to 1) give that corner of our living more character (mid-century-modern anyone?) and 2)have more storage to be used as a bar/wine cellar.

reading nook before

So did I succeeded creating a cosy space with decent storage? Well you tell me! 🙂

My first priority was to balance the proportions of this corner as one side has a double-height wall and the other is a half-height wall. I therefore looked for a piece of art that would look big enough on the tallest wall and colour-coordinate with the furniture against the second wall.

Living room reading nook interior design

The poster is from King & McGaw, it is a quote from Andy Warhol – “I never read, I just look at pictures.”. I went for the 3 cm black satin flat frame. This online art shop is absolutely fantastic and I have since order a few other pieces from them. The quality of the print and frame is great and the delivery super fast!

For the furniture I have been faithful to my love for affordable mid-century modern.

Living room reading nook interior design

The bookcase and the armchair are both from Ikea.

In order to not come across as alcoholics, I styled the shelves with a mixture of wine bottles, books and spirits.

Living room reading nook interior design

I got the the wine racks add-ons from Ikea as well.

Living room reading nook interior design

I styled the top of the bookcase with little figurines I got over the years in different countries. The horse is from Sweden, the turkey from Brazil and the elephant from Thailand. I also added some of my favourite coffee books and a Moroccan inspired candle.

Living room reading nook interior design

Living room reading nook interior design

For the table lamp, I wanted height and texture, so it would overlap with the height of the wall and pop against the grey wall. I fairly quickly figured out that concrete was the texture I wanted, and found this little gem at Oliver Bonas. The shade has a hint of green in it which at first I wasn’t too sure about, but I learned to love it.

SLiving room reading nook interior designSLiving room reading nook interior design

I completed the space with a side table. I think this is what really bring the cosiness and make it into a well-definedspace. These two little marble and copper tables are from Oliver Bonas too! (I could live in that shop…)

Living room reading nook interior designLiving room reading nook interior design

I styled them with a couple of books and the only plant I cannot kill. The pot is from Oliver Bonas too (old collection)!!! Do you think there is such a thing as Oliver Bonas addiction?

Living room reading nook interior designLiving room reading nook interior design

Finally, I left on the armchair a sheepskin from Ikea and a cushion bought in Debenhams (old collection).

Living room reading nook interior design

So what do you think of my reading corner/liquor store?