Antica Macelleria Falorni – Greve in Chianti, Tuscany

Italy is famous for its beautiful landscapes, its world-famous historical sights and… Its food! There is nothing more comforting than a delicious pasta dish, am I right?

As I mentioned in previous posts, when in Italy I love to stay in agriturismos, which means that often we have a little kitchen available and can cook our own meals when we fancy it. It is a great way to save a bit of money. But saving money doesn’t mean compromising on quality! If you like cheese and cured meat (or charcuterie as we say in France) and if you happen to be in Tuscany, there is a place you absolutely have to visit!

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Greve in Chianti

***Warning! Vegetarians, you may want to look away now as this shop is a meat lover paradise.***

Antica Macelleria Falorni is the Italian delicatessen shop of your dreams! It is old, it smells of cheese and ham, it is family owned and very famous in Tuscany. Even the locals go there!

You will find it in the centre of Greve in Chianti, a small village about 50-minutes drive from Florence and 60-minutes drive from Siena. It is good to note that roads in Tuscany aren’t the most direct so it always takes a little bit of time to get around.

Park the car and walk into the city centre. On the main square you will find the local market and hidden behind the stands an archway.

Greve in Chianti marketGreve in Chianti

This is where you will find Antica Macelleria Falorni!

SAntica Macelleria Falorni

Antica Macelleria Falorni opened in 1806 and has since been an institution. Their speciality is salami but they do also offer an extensive selections of hams, cheese and wine.

Antica Macelleria Falorni

Most of their charcuterie is made of pork / maiale, boar / cinghiale (my favourite!) and beef / chianina.

Antica Macelleria Falorni salamis

Cheese lovers will be in awe in front of the multiple ‘cheese towers’!

Antica Macelleria Falorni cheeses

Ok, so now it is time to shop for a homemade antipasto among their dozens of cured meats and cheeses.

Antica Macelleria Falorni cheeses

I highly recommend their wild boar salami,  their prosciutto and some of their stronger (I am French) pecorrino, a traditional hard Italian cheese.

Antica Macelleria Falorni hams

A lot of their products are packed in air-sealed bags so you could also take one for the road on your way back home! Bonus!

Now head back to your accomodation, pour yourself a glass of wine, put together an antipasto plate and relax. The Italian dream life…

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A table !

As we say in French! So take a sit on one of the prettiest terrace I have eaten on!

Naoussa – 2016

Terrace Naoussa Paros

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Mykonos windmills

One advice when visiting Mykonos, make sure to get in town early if you want a picture without tourists on it!

Mykonos – 2016

Mykonos windmills

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Hanging octopus

At first we were conceived that those octopus where some sort of plastic decoration. Then it became apparent that all restaurant had them and some were also hanging in front of most fishing boats. Yep, these guys are being dried and will be served for dinner later.

Paros – 2016

Octopus restaurant Naoussa Paros

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Wine tasting at Viticcio – Tuscany, Italy

If there is one thing Tuscany is famous for, it is wine! More specifically, Chianti wine, which is a red wine you will be offered at every meal and in any restaurant when visiting Tuscany.

You know what I love more than one nice glass of wine with beautiful views of the Italian countryside? A wine tasting with beautiful views over the countryside!

Grapes Viticcio vineyard

If you are in the region, I highly recommend going to a wine tasting, this is a great way to learn more about Chianti wine but also about the agriculture in Tuscany. A fantastic place to enjoy a wine tasting is Viticcio. The winery is nestled in the hills of Greve in Chianti and you will need a car to get there.

Viticcio vineyard

On arrival, you drive through the vineyard to reach the main farm building. The views are so beautiful you may struggle to keep your eyes on the road!

Viticcio vineyard

Our guide welcomed us and the rest of our small group (we were about 8) and started the tour talking about the history of the winery, the owners’ family and the surrounded grounds.

Grapes Viticcio vineyard

We then headed inside to learn more about the wine process and see the caves where the Chianti is being stored. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and her English was excellent. It was a real pleasure to spend time with her, and even though she was only in her mid-twenties she was so passionate about what she was doing. I love spending time with people who love what they do! All the staff there was lovely! Smiles everywhere we were looking!

Viticcio wine caveSiticcio wine cave

We ended the tour on a beautiful terrace under an old tree with amazing views of Tuscany’s countryside.

Wine tasting Viticcio

Once sat, we were served cheese and meat platters (antipasto!) to enjoy while tasting 4 of Viticcio’s wines. For the next 45 minutes, you truly feel like you are in a Fellini movie. The place is beautiful, the wine is good, conversations light-hearted.

Cheese meat platters Viticcio

Now, you may wonder how much those 90 minutes in paradise will cost you. You are in for a treat! The tour option is only 25 euros and if you want to skip the tour and go straight to the wine, their tastings are only 10 euros! See you don’t have to spend a fortune to be happy, all you need is a tenner!

Overall, a fantastic experience which I absolutely recommend! You can book the tour and the tasting directly on Viticcio’s website.

Viticcio vineyard

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Otranto harbour

Fortified town and luxurious yachts living side by side.

Otranto – 2016

Otranto harbour

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Agios Nikolaos

A little bit of a cliche picture, but it is so beautiful!

Mykonos – 2016

Agios Nikolaos Mykonos

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Red umbrellas

Little Thai wonders, like red umbrellas nicely lined up to keep those bells in the shade.

Chiang Mai – 2014

Red paper umbrellas Chiang Mai

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A day in Siena, Italy

Siena is one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s beautiful, full of things to do and small enough that you can walk everywhere.

If you are visiting Tuscany, you will spend at least a day there, so here is a little guide to help you plan your visit.

Siena view

After you parked the car (which you will need if you are planning to explore Tuscany for a week like we did), your first stop has to be Nannini for breakfast. Grab an espresso and one of their giant patisseries which should help you last until lunch time.

Siena street

After your breakfast, head to Siena Cathedral and take a moment outside to appreciate all the architectural details. The cathedral is huge yet it looks like the most delicate lace.

Siena Cathedral

The black and white marble stripes carry on inside for the most impressive and unique effect. Explore the venue and be careful not to hurt your neck while gazing in awe at the ceilings.

Siena cathedral interiorSiena cathedral interior

After visiting the cathedral, head toward Piazza del Campo, one of, if not, the most famous place in Siena. Each year, a famous horse race between the different neighbourhoods of Siena, called the Palio, takes place there.

Piazza del CampoPiazza del Campo

The main challenge here will be to take a picture of the Palazzo Pubblico, without tourists photo bombing it.

Palazzo Pubblico

Done enough walking? Now is a good time to grab lunch! My recommendation would be an antipasto at La Prosciutteria, a short walk from Piazza del Campo.

Siena street

At that point temperatures are soaring, so now is a good time to find a fresh place to shelter, and the Museo dell’Opera metropolitana del Duomo is the perfect place for both shade and culture.

The museum is home to the statues and stained-glass that once belonged to Siena Cathedral’s facade, as well as some of the altarpieces and reliquaries which once decorated the inside.

Museo dell'Opera metropolitana del DuomoMuseo dell'Opera metropolitana del Duomo

Make sure to climb to the top floor for the most beautiful view of Siena.

Siena CathedralMuseo dell'Opera metropolitana del Duomo view Siena

You have guessed it Museo dell’Opera metropolitana del Duomo really worth a visit!

Museo dell'Opera metropolitana del Duomo view Siena

Once back outside, get lost one last time in the streets of Siena, grab a gelato and find a terrace to sit at for an aperitivo. And then, while sipping on your Aperol Spritz, you will probably realise that, like me, you have fallen in love with Siena…

Siena street

While you may be sad to be leaving Siena after such a lovely day, I have one good news! There is SO much more to do in this city that you will have to come back! This itinerary is just a day-long snippet of what the city has to offer, and if you are planning to spend more time there, then make sure to check out this guide from The Telegraph to spend 36 hours in Siena.

Arrivederci for now!

Claire Imaginarium Siena

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Wedding car

It’s almost the end of wedding season! One last ride!

Brazil – 2013

VW Beattle wedding car

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