Nishiki Market – Kyoto

Kyoto is amazing, that’s a given. It is full of history, world-famous sights, shops, and it is a foodie’s heaven. If you like to eat, and you are not afraid to try new things, the first place you have to head to once in Kyoto is Nishiki Market.

Nishiki Market Kyoto

You will find the market in the centre of Kyoto a few back streets away from Daimaru. The market is covered which is fortunate as it was raining when we got there.

Nishiki Market Kyoto

Walk along the gallery and get overwhelmed by choice and smells.

Note that you can shop for anything related to food there. Ingredients, serveware, the world renowned Japanese knives – the perfect destination to shop for some Japanese souvenirs!

Nishiki Market shop Kyoto

Our strategy, after seeing how big the market was, was to walk the full length of it to see what all the options were, then walk back the whole way and start ordering some food. Doing so you won’t miss a thing AND you will walk off the calories – win!

Nishiki Market shop Kyoto

Nishiki market is a very busy place and the main challenge is to reach the counters and then find a little corner to nibble, most of the time standing.

Nishiki Market Kyoto

What is also fascinating about the market is that it has been around for several centuries, and a lot of the shops have been owned by the same families for generations. You literally cannot do more authentic than that, even if you were trying!

Nishiki Market shop Kyoto

On the hunt for our lunch, we knew we very much wanted some seafood. Some were a little too weird or almost too alive for our liking.

Octopus Nishiki Market Kyoto

Eventually, we settled for some Takoyaki, also known as octopus balls or doughnuts.

Takoyaki Nishiki Market Kyoto

Looking at the guy cooking them is entertaining in itself! I mean, how fast can one human being move?

Takoyaki Nishiki Market Kyoto

We also went for some ‘not too sure what it is but it’s delicious’ corn dog like seafood stick.

Corn dog Nishiki Market Kyoto

We grabbed a few more things, some crab legs, pickled vegetables, and others, but we got too hungry and I stopped taking pictures. Ooops!

Nishiki Market shop Kyoto

So if you are a foodie like us, Nishiki will be right up your street! Be curious, try new things, and come home with some packs of dry mushrooms and kimchi.

Nishiki Market mushrooms

Planning a trip to Nishiki Market? Take me there! And make sure to check out my guides to TokyoKyoto, OsakaHakone and Hiroshima!

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Misty day in Durdle Door

There are grey days and they are ‘I can’t see past my feet days’

Durdle Door – 2017

Durdle Door misty day

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Lake District beach

From afar the sand doesn’t seem too soft and the water too warm on that beach.

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014

Lake District

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Wat Pho roofs and statues

Posting a little bit of Thai sun and warmth from the very cold departure lounge of the Eurostar in London, wayyyyy too early in the morning.

Wat Pho – 2014

Thailand Bangkok Wat Pho

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5 days in Tokyo – highlights

New video alert! The most challenging and the longest one I have edited so far! Challenging because technology failed me and this video almost killed my computer. And long, not because I love slow motions, just because we did so much during our five days in Tokyo!

Tokyo is an amazing city, it is very big, very modern and very old, very busy and very quiet all at the same time – everything you imagine it to be. We explored it all, from the old neighbourhood of Asakusa to the ‘technology’ neighbourhood of Akihabara.

We had a fantastic time there and surprisingly we didn’t feel overwhelmed or completely lost in translation. Japanese people speak much better English than people give them credit for, and, as I live in a big city, Tokyo just felt the same but different. Plus, the mixture of old and new reminded us very much of Europe in a strange way.

So dive in with me into the giant cosmopolitan city, where opposites attract, for the next 14 minutes! You can also find all the details of our stay in Tokyo, there!

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Please hold your call is important to us…

Apology for the complete absence of posts the past 2 days ladies and gents! I am going through major technical issues aka « it’s all broken! » but I should be hopefully back on track and normal service should resume tomorrow! 


I love the architectural style of the masserie in Puglia. Strong build and clean lines.

Puglia – 2016

Tenuta Yala

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Beware of the…

Slightly worrying when even the sign doesn’t make it.

West Bay – 2017

Cliff in West Bay

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The Swan Hotel

One very picturesque pub!

Cotswolds – 2017

The Swan Hotel Bibury

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Thai temple

I miss the heat and the magic of Thailand.

Thailand – 2014

Thai temple

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