2017 highlights

That is it folks! 2017 is ending tonight, some of you may even already be in 2018!

What a year it was! I travelled to Japan, France, Portugal and wandered around England. I worked more on the house which is starting to look more and more like a Pinterest worthy place and less and less like a pit. I have also finally been brave enough and made a significant job decision which should make 2018 as refreshing and exciting as scary. In summary, I have been busy!

I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for me and own my career and my life a little more, but before we say our final goodbye to 2017, I wanted to take seven minutes to look back on 2017.

I hope you will like that little highlight video! Not sure how you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I find it a bit overrated, to be honest, and instead of celebrating in my pyjamas while sipping on champagne in front of the TV, I have now to put my fancy dress costume on. Indeed, we will be saying goodbye to 2017 in full nineties attire, and Andrew and I are going as “Groundhog Day”, yep you read that right! Hellooo curly hair!

Now go and put on your smart outfit/ fancy dress costume/ pyjamas and celebrate one last time 2017!

See you next year beautiful people!



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Water street

When the streets are designed around nature not on it.

Lower Slaughter – 2017

Lower Slaughter

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The boat at the end of the street

Now I wish the end of my street looked like that! Instead I have the view of a recycling bin and a bus stop…

Mykonos – 2016

Street and boat in Mykonos

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Lyme Regis at night

When the streets get so quite you would think you are in a ghost town.

Lyme Regis – 2017

Lyme Regis street

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Jacobs Ladder

The one way to the beach.

Sidmouth – 2017

Jacobs Ladder in Sidmouth

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Dog in Parikia

What can I say, I love making new furry friends!

Parikia – 2016

Dog in Parikia

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Where to next? Travelling plans for 2018

We kept ourselves busy in 2017 with some big trips and some smaller escapes!

We took the trip of a lifetime to Japan in the Spring! It was everything we expected it to be and more! So much so, that I still have content to share 8 months after!

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

In the Autumn, we headed south of Europe, to Portugal for a week, to explore the beautiful Lisbon and its surroundings. A wonderful sunny escape which I have yet to share with you. (I am going to be one busy writing bee in 2018!)

Tramways in Lisbon

Finally, we took the time to explore a bit more of England with two fantastic escapes, one to the Jurassic Coast and one to the Cotswolds.

West Bay beach on the Jurassic Coast
Cotswolds countryside

For 2018, I have already three destinations on the list: Mexico, Iceland and Sweden. We will also be planning a couple of weekends away in England as we always do. And this list doesn’t include all my trips to France to see my family and friends, neither does it include a potential trip to Ireland for a wedding. Some exciting times ahead!

Tulum – Source
Iceland – Source
Stockholm archipelago
Stockholm – Source

What about you guys? Where are you off to in 2018?

Also please drop me a note if you have recommendations for Mexico (we will probably just go to Tulum on this trip), Iceland or Stockholm!

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Dorset beach walk

I ate so much the past two days,  it will take A LOT of beach walks to get back into shape!

Charmouth – 2017

Charmouth beach

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My soul doth

Admiring architecture while being spiritual.

Painswick – 2017

Architecture Painswick

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Merry Christmas 2017!

The year draws to an end and the festive period is upon us! Now is a time for celebration  with our close ones. Not all of you celebrate Christmas, but I assume a lot of you will take this time to rest, eat a bit too much, reflect on the year 2017 and start thinking of 2018 (and that diet most of us will attempt to start then give up on the 3rd of January).

I am writing this post next to my beautiful lighten up Christmas tree and my very content cat snoozing away, thinking of the year that has past. 2017 was a blogging revelation year for me, I took it more seriously, spent a lot of time doing it, and it has paid off. It shows that when you really like something it doesn’t feel like work at all. I am very thankful for all of you who are reading this post right now. You have no idea how much confidence and joy your brought into my life!

I am heading shortly to Paris to spend some time with my family. Paris is always a good idea as they say, and what a great place to end 2017! Maybe a ‘French Christmas’ post will be in order at some point?

I am excited for 2018! It will definitely be the year of big changes for me (and no, I am not talking about babies). I am fifty percent scared and fifty percent excited. But before starting all the planning, I am now going to logged out, grab a glass of wine, maybe a bit of foie gras (don’t judge I am French!), and I will see you all very soon!

I wish you and your family a very happy festive period! Bring on 2018!


Claire xxx

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