The best Amazon Prime Day deals for Travel, Interior and Beauty – 2018

I don’t know about you but each morning I wake up and the first thing I see in my inbox is a dozen of “Special deal!!!” or “20% off” emails that I spend the following 10 seconds to delete. Even post GDPR, I find that I am still getting too many of these emails. Yesterday was no different, I woke up, got ready, deleted promotional emails and went on with my day. Very rarely (as in almost never) I am thankful for the reminder email some brands send, but this morning I woke up to one useful reminder – Amazon Prime Day reminder!

We are currently planning our trip to Iceland (it’s happening!!!) and I am in need of some camera upgrade equipment, and that’s on days like the Amazon Prime one that you can really save a lot of money on items like these. We are also still looking for bits for the house and I am always on the lookout for a new sunscreen, shower gel or just even toothpaste. Plus I am now freelancing which means that on some months money can be short and any discount is welcome! So below I have selected some of my favourite Amazon Prime Day deal items. Hurry though it ends TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!

Amazon Prime Day Deals 2018

For those of you who aren’t sure what Amazon Prime Day is, it is basically a big sale for anyone who has a Prime account! I am using a lot of ‘!!!’, can you tell I am excited?!? So without further do and because time is running out here is my selection of favourite items for your backpack, your home and your face!

Best Travel Amazon Prime Deals

1) Sony A7 Camera

I have been using my trusty Sony Nex 5 for the past 8 years! It has been so good to me and still is, even though I never store it in a case and took it with me to sandy and snowy places. However, I believe it will soon need to retire and I have loved it so much that I am thinking to stick with Sony. All I want in my next one is a viewfinder which the Sony A7 has!

2) SanDisk Memory Card

Because I always run out of memory, I can never have too many cards for my camera AND these are the ones I have been using for the past 8 years. I already have 3 SanDisk Memory cards which all got used during my trip to Japan, so I may as well get another backup one just in case. Imagine how many pictures and videos I will be taking and making in Iceland!

3) Anrui Clear Toiletry Bag

Does anyone else hate Ziploc bags when travelling? They get dirty, they tear apart easily and they have just not been designed to be carry-on toiletry bags. I have meant to get a more sturdy transparent bag for my carry-on skincare products and these by Anrui look great and are airlines approved!

4) GoPro HERO5 Black Action Camera

I have been filming all our trips for the past year or so and I have learned a lot in the process. In order to elevate the style of my videos, I am thinking to get a GoPro camera for more action shots but also to be less worried when taking my camera to the beach or anywhere a bit gritty or wet.

Best Beauty Amazon Prime Deals

1) Clarisonic Facial brush

I was just talking about it in my last blog post and it is now on sale! So hurry if you are interested in getting the Clarisonic Facial brush. Mine is still going strong after 6 years so it is a pretty worthwhile and safe investment. If you are not sure, check my review to learn more about it!

2) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

This product is excellent at moisturising dry lips, dry skin patches or cuticles. An overall skin saver! I always have the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream packed in my carry-on luggage on long flights.

3) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

I have been using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as a base when doing my nails for the past 3 years and I love it. It dries very quickly, it keeps nails healthy, it looks good on its own and it is super cheap right now!

4) Microfiber hair towels

I have very curly hair that easily gets frizzy, but I am too lazy to blow dry it and I usually leave my mane to air dry. One thing that has been life-changing for a curly head like mine has been to start using old T-Shirts and microfiber towels to dry my hair. I leave it on as long as I can after washing my hair and it makes the drying process so much faster and a lot less frizzy.

Best Interior Amazon Prime Deals

1) Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Powerline Vacuum Cleaner

Not the most glamorous product but we do have a cat and our vacuum cleaner is dying slowly thanks to Buffer shedding. I heard great things about the Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner from pet owners, so I may bite the bullet and get it.

2) Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole

A staple in any kitchen, Amazon has several of these on the Amazone Prime Day deal but I personally would use the shallow version more. They last forever so you cannot really go wrong with good old Le Creuset.

3) Memory Foam Pillow

I am THE lightest sleeper. I wake up if a fly is in the room, if someone sniffles or sometimes just because the bed sheet has moved a bit. It is a curse which I had to learn to live with. Over the years we have made a few investments which have helped me a bit and the item that has made the biggest difference is our memory foam mattress. Andrew can toss around all night and I won’t feel it. So I am now thinking of getting a memory foam pillow to support my neck better and this one by Tampor looks pretty good!

4) Joseph Joseph chopping boards

We got these and we love ours! These Joseph Joseph chopping boards look great but they can get pricey so grab yours for a lot less today!

I hope this helps you get the best deals and I will update this post during the day if anything new shows up on the deal page! Happy Tuesday!

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