200 blog posts – A lot has changed

In October 2017 I wrote my 100th blog post where I explained my blogging journey from needing a creative outlet to creating a blog and not blogging to finally taking it a bit more seriously. So where am I 100 posts later? I thought I would give you an update as A LOT has changed!


Blogging is still something I am very passionate about. While a lot of bloggers start to abandon their blogs for the likes of Instagram and Youtube, I enjoy writing way too much to focus my full energy on these platforms. My blog is my baby and the only hobby I have really stuck to as an adult (with maybe Pilates). The learning curve has been absolutely exponential since last Autumn and I now understand much better the blogging world. 10 months ago I can safely say that I was a rookie.

No more picture-only posts

I mentioned the story behind my ‘one image and a caption’ posts before but since April 2018 these have officially stopped. Why? I realised that as much as I loved sharing the photographs I took and witty thoughts this wasn’t the most interesting type of content and, let’s be honest, a bit lazy on my part. I also figured out that if I wanted people to truly enjoy reading my blog I needed to give more.


So I have decided to concentrate my efforts on creating useful and quality content. Posts explaining what to eat in Japan, which concealer is my favourite or how to incorporate metallics into your home not only are more interesting and useful, but they are also what I would genuinely google myself when looking for answers. So how about I write the answers myself and share them with the world? More useful and interesting for you guys, more stimulating and exciting for me to create. Win-win!

And if you are missing the pictures and thoughts posts, make sure to check out my instagram where I am still very witty and hilarious (one is thinking highly about themself).

The blogging community

Now, this has been BY FAR the biggest change in my blogging life since last October. Full credits are given to Alex from Better Together Home who introduced me last Autumn to some wonderful bloggers communities on Facebook. Suddenly I wasn’t on my own anymore, I was part (and still am!) of a supportive community where I could ask questions about anything blog related without feeling silly.


I have since joined quite a few Facebook groups but also real-life blogger meetups. I met amazing people along the way, some that I even would call my friends now! It is so hard to make new friends as a working adult so this journey has been amazingly fulfilling! It also massively helped with my confidence and not to shy away when someone asks me if I have a website or what I like to do outside of work? ‘Blogging!’ is now (finally) my answer!

And talking about work…

Going freelance

I took a massive decision at the end of 2017, to save money, quit my perfectly fine full-time job and take a break. I had been in the same company for 7 years, and even though the job and my colleagues were great, I was craving some fresh air. I was lacking motivation and my creative juices had completely dried up.


I left at the end of January 2018 and took the month of February (and a bit of March) completely off. Andrew and I went to Barbados (which was as amazing as you can imagine). I spent time back in France with my family. I enjoyed what London had to offer and slowly but surely the daily grind clouds started to fade away and my motivation made a (re)appearance.

I didn’t know what would be my next professional move when I left, but with the help of a few weeks off I quickly realised that 1) I was completely fine with the job I was doing and 2) I, however, was craving for flexibility and variety. Communications and PR were still my main focus but I didn’t want to commute for hours on a packed train anymore or sit in a cubicle. Which job could give me the freedom and diversity I needed so much? Freelancing was the answer – no office, no 9 to 5, no same old same old anymore.

Sounds too good to be true? It does, and I went into it very naively to be completely honest. I will talk about this when I am ready to process all the lessons learned.

What’s next?

So much has changed within the past 10 months and sometimes so quickly that I am not entirely sure what is next. I need to build up my career as a freelancer and deal with some of the challenges that come with it. Andrew and I need to figure out our 1-year, 3-years and 5-years plans. Where do we want to live? What type of lifestyle are we seeking? When can we adopt a dog? Etc.


What is certain is that blogging will be the constant through it all. I love it, my platform has grown a lot over the past few months leading to some unexpected opportunities. So rest assured that I will see you again in 100 posts’ time. Until then keep reading, keep commenting and keep being your awesome selves!

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9 thoughts on “200 blog posts – A lot has changed

  1. I can totally relate on your post! I started my blog just to have a diary of my trips and then slowly and ever slowly it turned to a hobby then I can say it is turning into passion now. I hope I will came to a point where I will muster a courage to do full time blogging.

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  2. Loved your post. Like you, engaging in some FB blogging communities boosted up my morale tremendously as well. All the best in your journey. 🙂

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