Bottomless Brunch at Ask For Janice – London

My friend Chloé and I are both February babies, so last weekend we decided to celebrate with a bottomless brunch. We looked for the best ones to try in London and after a bit of research on Google, it was clear Ask For Janice was a favourite of many, plus they didn’t charge an extortionate price (£35). So, on a very grey Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early and headed to Farringdon.

Ask For Janice Bottomless Brunch London

Side note, Farringdon is a beautiful area and really worth visiting if you are ever in town. It is a very ‘London’ neighbourhood which always reminds me of Mary Poppins and Penny Dreadful. But I digress.

Ask For Janice looks like most trendy coffee shops in London, industrial look and refurbished vintage furniture. Being Millennials living in the big city, we felt right at home.

Ask For Janice Bottomless Brunch London

The bottomless brunch option includes three plates and unlimited alcoholic drinks. You can choose between a Bloody Mary, a Buck Fizz (mimosa) or a Salty Dog (gin, grapefruit juice and salt). You can only have one drink at the time but you can try them all throughout the brunch. So, both of us decided to start with a Salty Dog as we never had it before and we are both very adventurous people.

Ask For Janice Salty Dog

Both Chloé and I also picked the exact same dishes. We are pretty predictable friends.

We started with the avocado and feta on toast. It was fresh, zesty, perfect to wake our palates up. The portion was also very generous.

Ask For Janice avocado feta on toast

Having finished our Salty Dogs we ordered Buck Fizz. They were really good, they were also rather dangerous as very easy to drink!

Ask For Janice Buck Fizz

The second dish arrived – chorizo and hash brown. Again, a substantial plate and a very tasty one too. Although we were getting pretty full and with still one plate to come, we were also very thankful our stomachs were getting filled up as our heads were slowly but surely starting to spin.

Ask For Janice chorizo hash brown

The last course was smoked salmon and potatoes. It was really good. The sauce had hints of grain mustard and the combination of the salmon and new potatoes was warming and perfect for a winter brunch.

Ask For Janice salmon and potatoes

We cheered to our birthdays with a couple more Salty Dogs, our favourite by then, and eventually asked for the bill when realising we had been at our table for more than three hours. The staff was really lovely and never asked us to hurry and leave so we completely lost track of time. You have guessed it, Ask For Janice bottomless brunch is getting a big thumb up!

As for Chloe and I, we left Ask For Janice not walking very straight and blinded by the (absent) sun, promising each other to make the February babies bottomless brunch an annual event.

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7 thoughts on “Bottomless Brunch at Ask For Janice – London

  1. I’m a first time mum and 10 weeks after having my baby I went to a bottomless brunch for my sisters birthday they are amazing but after filling my glass everyone I took a sip safe to say I wasn’t standing very good after. But they are amazing I went to one in Manchester. Yours seemed really nice 🙂 cheers 🥂

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