Cul de Sac, Rome, Italy

Looking for a nice little spot for a refreshing glass of wine in Rome, away from the touristy crowd? Follow me!


There is that little spot I know, right off Piazza Navona.


Head south of the Piazza. Walk past the touristy restaurants and head to the tiny Piazza di Pasquino. This is where you will find Cul de Sac (‘dead-end’ in French). The name may be French but the products are very Italian!


The wine bar is not huge but it has a lovely terrace. We decided to grab a bite inside as it was pretty hot on that day and we could do with an hour in the shade.

Grab a sit a choose from the thousands of bottles of wine surrounding you! We went for rose (of course!).


Once the beverage of your choice on the table, order as many sharing platters as your belly can handle! Everything is delicious!


Nothing fancy there, just very high quality products.


Where to eat in Puglia?

Food is delicious everywhere in Italy! In Puglia you have the added bonus of the extremely good value for money, hello 2.5 euro prosecco glass!

If you are planning to spend a little bit of time there this summer and are looking for tasty seafood and filling lunches, look no further and keep reading.

In Gallipoli, I highly recommend Al De Pace, their speciality is seafood. You enter the place and the theme is set with a very simple interior decor yet very sophisticated.


The dishes reflect the overall atmosphere, simple plates and sophisticated flavours. Everything was delicious.

We started with le fave, le cicorie, la aliciSONY DSC

My favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE dish was the il polpo, la sua acqua, il limone… It was to die for! Some sort of octopus version of spaghetti carbonara, as delicious and as comforting. I am still drooling looking at the picture.SONY DSC

It was difficult to top the pasta dish but the ‘secondi’ dishes didn’t disappointed and we ended with a safe Tiramisu.SONY DSC

Another great place for delicious Puglia food and completely off the beaten track is Sciamu Moi. The place was empty when we arrived but Italians eat late and we were off-season so don’t be deceived by the empty dinning room.SONY DSC

They use only local ingredients and everything was a discovery! Pick the thing you are the least familiar with on the menu and enjoy!SONY DSC

Pugliese food involves a lot of seafood, with the Mediterranean sea a couple of kilometres away, it will never disappoint.

We were less adventurous with desserts and pick some classics, yet the presentation surprised us in all the right ways!

Finally if this is a lunch spot you are looking for? And if you happen to be in Lecce, I just know the place!

L’Angolino di Via Matteotti serves one of the best puccia in the whole of Lecce, and probably in the whole of Puglia.


Pick your toppings and take a sit on the comfy terrace. SONY DSC

Bite into the most delicious ‘sandwich’ ever!SONY DSC

The Mr went for the meat version with meatballs, I went for the vegetarian one. Both excellent.SONY DSC

I hope I gave you enough reasons to go to Puglia! Now book that flight, you know you want to!

Buon appetito!


Simit, my favourite on the go breakfast in Istanbul!

Istanbul – 2015


Tea time

Turkish tea is so good and super efficient! Your new breakfast best friend!

Istanbul – 2015


6 things to eat and drink in Istanbul

Here is a little compilation of my favourite things to have when in Istanbul. Of course there are so many other things to try so be curious and enjoy!

  • Tea

So tea in England is a pretty big deal, but in Turkey it is to another level! It is their tap water almost. And in the risk of being controversial (my English friends may kill me for this) I actually prefer Turkish tea! No need for milk but add a little bit of sugar.


  • Coffee

The strongest coffee you will ever have. It does the job on a morning when you need a kick. Just so you are aware though, the coffee grains are in the cup so do not drink it too fast otherwise you will have a rather unpleasant and grainy surprise.


  • Simit

Sold in the street. Head to one of the cute little vintage carts you will find across the town and buy one of these ring-shaped bread for a breakfast on the go or a mid-afternoon snack!


  • Turkish delights

Well obviously! I don’t have much more to say apart from the fact that they are delicious and the flavors you will find in Istanbul’s bazaars are endless!


  • Baklava

See my comment above 🙂


  • Menemen

The traditional Turkish breakfast made of scrambled eggs, vegetables and spices. It is served boiling hot with bread to dip in. If you want to have a delicious one, make sure you go there!


Fresh food

Going to Italy in a week time and I cannot wait for the delicious fresh food!

Sorrento – 2013


Best gelato in Sorrento

Do me a favour, if you are in Sorrento go to Raki Gelateria. They do some of the best gelatos I have ever had! I mean look at my face while eating a scoop of Mascarpone & Pine Nuts (creamy heaven!) and a scoop of Pinneaple & Basil (sorbet of dreams!)

Also if you need more convincing, check the TripAdvisor reviews!


Man best friend

This little fella kept us company during a delicious meal we had at Lua e Mar on Ihla Grande. It’s all about the shrimp bobó there! Seafood with a side of plantains, doesn’t get much better than that! Also portions are huge so make sure you order accordingly.

Ihla Grande – 2013