Hakone cable car

Better not be afraid of heights!

Hakone – 2017

Hakone Cable Car

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Cotswolds postcard

Sheep and hills for days.

The Cotswolds – 2017Cotswolds countryside

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Okay, I am done with winter now. Can you send me back to the Greek summer?

Santorini – 2016

Plunge pool sunset in Santorini

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The most charming roundabout

In terms of road configuration, it doesn’t get more charming than a very old tree surrounded with a gazebo.

Miserden – 2017


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Favourite travel blogs

Last post of my ‘Favourite blogs’ series, after interior and beauty, let me introduce you to my favourite travel bloggers! I refer to their sites when I am looking for travel inspiration, planning my itinerary or simply looking for a place to have dinner.

Creative Travel Guide

What I like the most about Creative Travel Guide is how Katie answers questions we all may have asked ourselves while travelling but we couldn’t find the answers to. How to save money when sending parcel while travelling? How to travel the world on a vegan diet? Etc.

Creative Travel Guide
Source: Creative Travel Guide

A very useful blog to refer to when abroad and not sure how to/what to/when to!

The Londoner

Not sure Rosie would consider herself a travel blogger, I think ‘lifestyle’ is probably the best way to describe her platform. However she is my go-to source when I am looking for a place to have dinner or a drink abroad! She has travelled so much and her recommendations rarely disappoint.

The Londoner
Source: The Londoner

Rosie’s blog is also a fantastic source of outing ideas if, like me, you live in London, and her pictures are just gorgeous!

The Blonde Abroad

What I love the most about Kiersten’s blog is her fun personality and her blogging story. In particular when she says “I realised that true happiness, for me, would not be found in a cubicle… so I quit my job”. She took a risk and it paid off which I truly admire.

The Blonde Abroad
Source: The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is an inspirational source of content if you love to travel, you are a woman and wants to change your lifestyle to something less conventional. In Kiersten’s own words “May you never settle for a life that’s anything short of extraordinary!”

Digital Travel Guru

This blog is a fantastic source of information to plan your next trip! Be warned though, you are at risk of major travel-envy when reading this blog as they are also multiple interviews of travel bloggers and digital nomads!

Digital Travel Guru
Source: Digital Travel Guru

An endless source of content to plan your next vacation or your journey to become a full-time traveller!

I hope that all the blogs I have shared will inspire you to have an eventful, adventurous and beautiful 2018!

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Norfolk beach

Little people and little houses on the sand.

Wells-next-the-Sea – 2016

Wells-next-the-Sea beach

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Beautiful Painswick houses

I wish my house looked like this!

Painswick – 2017


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Favourite beauty blogs

The second post of my ‘Favourite blogs’ series is dedicated to all things beauty (here is my first post on interior blogs). As you may know, in addition to travelling the world and painting walls, I have a little French pharmacy in my bathroom. I am quite simple and scientific when it comes to beauty – I like to have a few products that work very well. Quality over quantity!

This means that I am very thorough when looking for a new cleanser or retinol and the blogs below are exactly that – very rigorous and detailed!

Into the gloss

I am pretty sure I was one of the first readers of Into The Gloss, when I first discovered it on a lunch break in my cubicle at work, back in 2011, it only had two pages of content. Fast forward to today and Into The Gloss is not only one of most respected blogs in the industry, it has also now launched a beauty brand!

Into The Gloss
Source: Into The Gloss

Founded by Emily Weiss (The Hills anyone?), Into The Gloss opens the bathroom’s doors of some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Caroline Hirons

Caroline is the queen of all things beauty in the UK. A qualified aesthetician by background, she has encyclopedic level of knowledge when it comes to skincare. Not sure what retinol to get? Check her blog! What are acids anyway? Check her blog!

Caroline Hirons
Source: Caroline Hirons

She has also a Youtube channel which I am subscribed too! I love her personality, direct and honest – no beating around the bush there!

The Anna Edit

Anna is probably one of the loveliest persons on the internet! I want to be her friend and I adore her simple yet very stylish universe. She is a girl after my own heart, with a preference for straightforward beauty routines.

The Anna Edit
Source: The Anna Edit

Also like me she has greasy eyelids which made me feel so much better as I thought I was the only one with this problem! Anna if you read this I think we should start a #gressyeyelidstribe!


First of all Renee is absolutely gorgeous, if I can look like her in a few years by following her advice I will be one happy lady! I also love her very scientific approach to skincare.

Source: Gothamista

Ingredients, combinations of products, she has also incredible knowledge of Asian skincare routines which are world famous for their efficiency. I watched most of her videos before going to Japan and I came back with a bag full of products!

I am just hoping that with all that reading I will still look thirty in twenty years!

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The pirate boat and the floating torii

An unexpected combination.

Hakone – 2017


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Seeing Durdle Door

It’s there, can you see it?

Durdle Door – 2017

Durdle door

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