Camera gear

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Below are the camera and accessories I use to shoot this blog content.

My equipment has changed since I first started blogging. The items below include everything I have used since starting. Each time I look into investing into a new item I have done extensive research and so far I have loved every purchase I have made!

Camera gear


Canon G7x Mark II* – I use this camera mainly for filming but it also takes amazing pictures. Most of my Iceland photos were taken with this camera.

Sony Nex 5 (now 6)* – My ride or die, I got this camera in 2010 and it still works to this day! The one I linked to is the newest model as mine is ancient at this point. I have two lenses for it (below).

Sony prime lens* – Their basic DSLR lens and by far my most used!

Sony zoom lens* – Great to capture wildlife and subjects from afar.

iPhone 11* – A fantastic phone to take pictures and film on the go!

Fujifilm waterproof camera* – Now retired it was a perfectly fine waterproof camera at a great price! It came with us to swim in the Dead Sea and snorkle in the Mexican cenotes. I have now upgraded to a Gopro but I would still recommend this camera for anyone who is on a smaller budget!


SD cards* – All my SD cards are from SanDisk. I started getting these because my dad uses them too and I have never been disappointed. The one I bought in 2010 still works and although it is a bit slower now it is still very reliable.

Manfrotto mini tripod* – A classic, compact and easy to fit in a handbag.