Oistins Fish Fry – Barbados

On Friday evenings, there is only one place to be when you are in Barbados – Oistins!

Just south of Bridgetown, Oistins is a fishermen’s village which turns into the most lively spot on the island at the weekend. Food, music, dancing, head to Oistins Fish Fry and you are in for a great night!

Oistins Fish Fry Barbados

Getting there is an adventure too! Head to the closest bus stop to your hotel and wait for one of the small vans to stop. You read that right, you won’t actually take the official public transport, nope! You will board the first private van honking at you with the driver yelling ‘Oistins????’. I know it seems weird but just embrace it. A lot of locals provide public transport with their own vans. It is how most of the Bajans travel between towns and it is very cheap!

Once in Oistins, just follow the people and the music and you will find your way to the big food market.

Oistins Fish Fry BarbadosOistins Fish Fry Barbados

There, get lost in the alleyways to find your preferred dinner option. Most food stalls offer very similar menus made of various fish, plantains (my favourite!), rice and beans. It is simple and delicious!

Oistins Fish Fry BarbadosOistins Fish Fry Barbados

Grab a sit, order food and a fresh beer and enjoy people watching while eating flavoursome Bajan food.

Oistins Fish Fry barbecue BarbadosOistins Fish Fry food Barbados

When done with your dinner, go explore the market beer in hand. In Oistins, you will find many places to buy souvenirs.

Oistins shops BarbadosOistins Fish Fry Barbados

Also, make sure to swing by the domino and card players. In a corner of the market, you will find many locals playing games. The atmosphere is very lively as some players can get a little too competitive, but everyone is in good spirit.

Oistins dominos BarbadosOistins dominos BarbadosOistins card players Barbados

End your evening by the stage where you will see some of the best local dancers. They all had impressive moves so Andrew and I got a little too intimidated to join and sat at a table close by with a rum punch.

Oistins dancers BarbadosOistins Fish Fry Barbados

The blissful and joyful Barbados life at its best!

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Sunset cruise in Barbados

The main activities people think of when visiting the Caribbeans include swimming, tanning, eating delicious food and enjoying a refreshing drink on the beach. So what about doing all of the above but on a boat sailing on the turquoise waters? You are in? Great, keep reading!

We had done a sunset cruise before in Santorini and it was so magical that we promised ourselves to do it again next time we were visiting a paradisal island. Which happened to be Barbados, an island that was everything we expected it to be and more! The sunsets on the West Coast are so glorious that we had to book a cruise, which we did with Cool Runnings that came highly recommended by some of our friends.

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

On an afternoon, our driver came to pick us up at our hotel around 2:30pm – next stop Bridgetown! All the staff at Cool Runnings is lovely and has an excellent sense of humour so our drive to the harbour was actually a great taste of what was to come and was everything but boring! We exchange some jokes, sang Happy Birthday to another passenger and shared the best addresses for a rum punch in the area.

Once in the centre of Bridgetown, we were directed to the harbour where our catamaran was waiting. The boats are really big and we travelled with about 20 other passengers.

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

We started sailing, the music started playing, the drinks started being served – we were in Carribean heaven. The views were so beautiful even the menacing clouds couldn’t spoil the evening for us. Mind you, the multiple rum punches probably helped with that too!

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

Our first snorkelling stop was in Carlisle Bay to see some sea turtles. I didn’t snorkel as I am not very confident at it and the clouds were really looming over. Andrew was braver than me and went. Unfortunately that day there was only one turtle around being looked at by about 20 humans. Imagine what she was thinking!

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool RunningsBarbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

We had another snorkelling stop further down Carlisle Bay to visit the shipwrecks. Andrew again went and he can report that the water temperature was very pleasant and the shipwrecks really nice to check out.

In the meantime, I was enjoying the views while sipping on a drink and chatting with visitors from all around the world. It is good to note that there is an open bar onboard and everyone is rather ‘joyful’ by the end of the night (wink).

We then started our journey to our dinner spot, sailing along the West Coast, enjoying the views of the land.

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool RunningsBarbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

And of the sea.

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool RunningsBarbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

The sky was also slowly getting ready for the big show.

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool RunningsBarbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

We stopped for dinner at Sandy Lane. A beach famous for being the home of a very famous Bajan singer (second wink). And when looking at the place you can understand why – it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island!

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

The food on board was great and there were options for any type of diet.

After a filling meal, Andrew went for one last swing while I was, again, ordering another drink (we are all friends here, no one is judging!).

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

The music got louder, the sky set itself on fire and the boat turned into a floating dance floor. I don’t think there are many better things in life than dancing at sunset and under the stars on a boat sailing along a Carribean island.

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool RunningsBarbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

We laughed, danced and sang together before heading back to Bridgetown, our heads spinning because of euphoria and well… rum.

Barbados Sunset Cruise with Cool RunningsBarbados Sunset Cruise with Cool Runnings

So make sure to book your sunset cruise with Cool Runnings if you are ever visiting Barbados. You will meet people from all around the world, dance, eat, drink and see one of the most memorable sunsets.

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Favourite facial cleansers

Living in London, which is very polluted, the first thing I want to do when coming home is to wash my face. Nothing beats the feeling of getting the city’s dirt off my face in the evening (except a nice glass of wine of course).

After more than 7 years in London, I have finally figured out what cleansers work best. I have used all of the products I mention below for more than 3 months at least, so they have all been thoroughly tested!

Favourite facial cleansers

Now quickly before I share with you my favourite cleansers let’s talk about my skin type. I have the ultimate combination skin, my T-zone starts the day normally and end it as an oily mess. My cheeks are dry when I wake up but ease into a normal type eventually. Finally, I do get mild redness and adult acne every now and then. So, if you are like me enjoy the products below as I do, if you are on the drier or more sensitive side maybe avoid some of the more balancing products or the tools I use.

To remove all traces of makeup – Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

Clinique take the day off

If you pick only one product make it this one, hence why I mention it first! Clinique Take The Day Off Balm removes EVERYTHING in a very gentle way. It is quite a greasy and rich balm so make sure to thoroughly rinse it if you have oily skin. It is a fantastic cleanser for dry and normal skins and will remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara.

The micellar water – Bioderma Crealine

Bioderma Sensibio

I mentioned it in my French Pharmacy guide and in my in-flight essentials guide for good reasons, I have been using this micellar water for 9 years! It has been essential in any French skincare routine for many years. I know there are now other brands doing it but I am faithful to Bioderma Crealine as it is the first micellar water I have ever used. I apply it with a cotton pad in the morning after rinsing my face with water and in the evening after using one of my other cleansers. I also use it as a makeup remover on lazy days.

For a thorough cleanse – Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is great if you want a very thorough cleanse or as a second step cleanser on a very heavy makeup day. Apply it on dry skin and wash it off with a damp face cloth. It will remove dead skin and any last bits of makeup. I love to use it on a very hot day to remove traces of sweat and sticky sunscreens.

For the mornings or non-makeup days – Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

A simple no-fuss cleanser, perfect to use in the morning or on non-makeup/non-city day. It is very gentle and should please even the most sensitive skins.

To use with a facial brush – Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I am a Clarisonic brush convert and have been for years now. I use mine in the shower every other day or so. And because the Clarisonic brush is the star of the show and does most of the scrubbing I use a very basic cleanser with it to avoid irritating my face too much. Cetaphil is the ultimate simple cleanser, so much so that it is recommended by most dermatologists. If you have very sensitive skin skip the facial brush but keep Cetaphil.

For adult acne – Neutrogena Visibly Clear

Neutrogena Visibly Clear

Aaaaaah good old adult acne! No one really tells you about it, and one day in your mid/late thirties your skin has an emotional meltdown. Mine isn’t too bad but I do get random breakouts on my face and neck, and when I do I go back to a classic Neutrogena Visibly Clear. It is basic yet efficient and the grapefruit scent makes it a lovely cleanser to use during a morning shower.

Pick your favourite among the above, follow with a face mask if you need to and your skin should thank you!

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Best facial cleansers

Home office – Reveal

A while back I showed you my inspiration for our home office. I was aiming to share with you the reveal a few weeks later but we had major delivery delays with our new desk. The reality of decorating a house!

The process was long, I finished painting the walls in 2016 it then was used as a storage room for the whole of 2017. It was also a bit painful – thanks delivery man for all the delays… Things finally sped up earlier this year as I changed job and I am now working from home, so I needed a workspace which was neither our sofa or dining table. Finally, we got there!

The room is small, it is technically a single bedroom, but having no children or a big dog to worry about, we immediately decided to turn it into a study. I wanted to go bold for this space knowing that being a small room I could easily repaint the walls if I wasn’t happy with the result!

I went for navy blue walls which I had dreamt of for years, I picked Midnight Navy by Crown Paint. To keep the room bright and airy I selected mainly white furniture with accents of wood and grey to avoid making it look too bi-colour.

Navy home office

When you enter the study, the first thing you will see is our desk. We opted for a small white desk to pop against the navy walls and went for this little number from Habitat. I like the details of the legs making it warmer and lighter in the small dark space. You will also notice that I kept the window wall white to extend the brightening effect of the window across the entire wall. This really helps make the room feel spacious and bright.

Home office Habitat desk and Ikea chair

The desk chair is a grey Tobias Ikea chair which moved with us from our previous place. I like how the grey breaks the navy and white theme. I styled it with a sheepskin from Ikea to make it a comfortable seat for a few hours.

Home office Habitat desk

The desk is quite narrow so I only keep the essentials on there. A clutter free desk is also a nice break after months of cumulation of ‘stuff’ in this room.

London tube map wedding seating plan

On the right of the desk, we hanged what looks like a London Tube map but what was actually our wedding seating plan. I did it myself, it took me hours but it was a great way to bring London to France on the day.

Home office Oliver Bonas lamp

The copper and marble desk lamp is from Oliver Bonas. I like how the grey shade matches the chair and some storage boxes we have in this room (keep scrolling!). I got the bamboo pen pot on Amazon.

Muji Vanilla candle

On the left of the desk, I have a Muji Vanilla candle. It is a strong one and works even when off!

Home office Paperchase and Ikea gallery wall

Above the desk, I created an inspirational gallery wall made with funny postcards from Paperchase and simple white Ikea frames. I do stare at it a lot and I am still entertained looking at it (I am sad like that).

Ikea Billy bookcases

Moving to the other side of the room, Andrew and I being fairly big readers we created a bookshelves wall, which is very much used as you can see! I am conscious that it is a bit of a mess at the moment but we only finished the room 2 weeks ago so I styled the shelves without much attention.

These Ikea Billy bookcases are becoming a memories shrine. On there you will find some of the oldest trinkets Andrew and I have cumulated over the years. To avoid boring you to death I made a little selection of things which are worth noting.

Home office decoration

My graduation hat which is a canotier (how very French!), my first ever teddy bear and pictures of our parents’ weddings.

Ikea Billy bookshelves

My first ever pair of shoes!

Grandparents wedding pictures

Our grandparents’ wedding pictures which were framed for our own wedding and which we kept.

Navy home office decoration

On top of the lower bookshelf, I have some more trinkets, an aloe vera plant in a TK Maxx planter and a painting from my very talented grandmother.

Now for the fairly boring (but necessary!) stuff, in this room we also have…

Ikea office storage

…An Ikea storage unit for all our admin papers next to the shelves.

Cat flap

Buffer’s catflap decorated with a patchwork of doormats we cumulated over the years (keeping it real!).

To bring more warmth and texture to the space I looked for an ‘organic’ lampshade and this rattan one from Homebase (old collection) does the job perfectly!

Rattan ceiling lamp shade

Finally, this is the view from the other side of the home office, by the door is a Hol Ikea box which is used as our laundry basket. Above the door is a storage unit we got fitted which is home to our Christmas decorations and some luggage, fascinating right?

Navy home office

I hope you like the final result! A small space which is stylish and functional!

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How to incorporate metals into your home without overdoing it?

Brass, copper, nickel – some may call them fads, some may think they are here to stay. No matter what, metals have been invading our houses big time for the past 4 years. The challenge with incorporating metals into homes is that one can easily overdo it. I have seen many copper-everything kitchens or brass-everywhere bathrooms. It can look good but it can also look too much very quickly.

My approach to interior design is like a French diet: everything is good for you in moderation. I love a bit of copper and brass, but I am always asking myself “will I still like it in 10 years?” before falling for every and any interior trend.

If in doubt, less is always more

You don’t have to go crazy to make an impact when it comes to metals. In the picture below, you will see that I opted for copper lampshades which really pop against the black wall and furniture. True story: I originally thought I would change the drawers’ knobs to copper ones but I quickly realised that it would just be a little tacky. Instead, I opted to bring another touch of copper with a picture frame you can see toward the back of the chest of drawer. The warmth of my grandmother’s painting and the bench are enough to tie it all in together nicely!

Copper and black hallway
A bit of copper in the hallway

Pick very subtle details

Clever interior design is all about the details. Everybody can buy a big designer sofa or an Ikea table, but there is a fine line between ending up with something everybody else has and something a bit different. When it comes to decorating my house, nothing has been innocently picked or styled, every detail has been considered and thought through before being purchased (call me crazy but I just can’t help it!).

For our living-room, I wanted to incorporate new textures with something less commonly used like concrete. I also wanted some touches of metal without making it a statement like in our hallway. I, therefore, searched for something unexpected and interesting to look at. This is exactly what this Oliver Bonas table lamp is, first you see a grey lamp, then you notice that it is made of concrete and finished with brass. A modern and simple design with the latest trends in mind.

Living room black bookshelves
Brass detail on a table lamp

Our living space is fully open-plan so the kitchen, living-room and dining room are merged together. With touches of brass and copper already present in the living-room, I thought it would be good to tie-in the kitchen with some copper too. To avoid making this connection obvious or too matchy-matchy we kept it very subtle with this minimal copper clock from Karlsson.

Karlsson minimal copper clock
Thin copper clock frame

Mix the metals

Now, this is a scary one, but it can really pay off when done nicely. Mixing metals in interior design is a brave move but it will make your space so much more interesting! Start small, like I have done in my hallway. I have brushed copper lamp shades so I added this Paperchase polished copper picture frame (old collection but similar here) for the chest of drawers and next to it I placed a brass H&M trivet (old collection too, similar here).

Copper picture frame and brass candle
Brass and copper mixed with small home accessories

Match the tones, not the materials

I think sometimes people get too caught up into matching materials with materials, such as brass with brass, instead of thinking of the colour palette. An advice I have is to look at your space and its colour palette. Brass, for instance, is yellow and brown toned. Shades of copper can go from orange, pink to maroon. Silver, chrome and steel are greys whereas nickel is more of a greige colour. Does it make sense?

I followed this principle in my house, for instance, the colour of the copper lamp below matches the tan leather Moroccan pouffe next to it.

Copper lamp and Moroccan pouffe
Leather and copper colour match in the living room

And these side tables from Oliver Bonas (old, similar here) have a slightly deeper shade of copper which goes well with the walnut details of this Ikea armchair.

Mid-centry modern reading corner
Wood and copper colour match

Pick a brushed finish

If you really love metals and want to incorporate a bit more of them into your house without overdoing it opt for brushed metals. The matte finish makes it more subtle and easier to implement, mostly with copper when polished can have a bit of an overwhelming orange mirror effect. You will notice that it is a rule I followed a lot in my house as most items I have picked have a brushed finish.

Embrace it in small spaces

Sometimes it is good to throw all rules and principles out the window when it comes to interior. So if you need to get metals out of your system and have a small space you can have fun with, go for it!

You will see below that for our powder room I went for brass-everything and I love it! It is a small space which helped limit the ‘damage’ while still having fun with frames, accessories and wall art.

Brass and teal guest bathroom
Brass and teal guest bathroom

I hope this post helps you embrace metals without turning your home into a disco ball!

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How to incorporate metals into your home without overdoing it?

The best places to see the Cherry blossoms in London

Seeing all the beautiful pictures of the sakura season in Tokyo and Kyoto, one could forget that London is another fantastic city to enjoy the Cherry blossom season.

Cherry blossoms in Notting Hill

I have been a Londoner for more than seven years now and I can honestly say that the city is the prettiest in the Spring and the Autumn. London may be nicknamed The Big Smoke but is a surprisingly green city with countless tree-lined streets and many big parks. I have never lived more than a 5-minute walk away from a green space here and with so many trees the change of season is spectacular!

Cherry blossom in the UK is a little later than in Japan. Peak cherry blossoms hit us between the middle of April and the middle of May. I am writing this post in the middle of April and at the moment most trees have not blossomed yet. So this article is perfectly timed so you can plan your Spring London adventures for the next few weeks!

Notting Hill

This is an obvious one but it is worthed mentioning because Notting Hill is truly spectacular in the Spring. I used to live very close by, and even then I would only hang out in Notting Hill in Spring. The rest of the time it feels a bit too crowded with tourists for my liking, but in the Spring the cherry trees thrive and create the most beautiful scenery against the white and coloured houses of West London.

Casual tube ride 🌸👀🌸 #flowers #tube #tfl #flowermarket

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Holland Park

Just south of Notting Hill you will find Holland Park. Less famous than Hyde Park or Regent’s Park, Holland Park is a great place to enjoy Spring. It has a magical Japanese garden which makes it an even more special place to appreciate the Cherry blossom season.

🌸🌸🌸 #spring #london #wanderlust

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Little Venice and Regent’s Canal

This is one of my best-kept secrets which I only share with our visitors on their 4th or 5th time in London, so consider yourself very special! I absolutely love walking along Regent’s Canal – starting in Paddington, heading north through Little Venice, Regent’s Park and Camden and ending in King’s Cross. It will help you reach you 10,000 steps a day easily and you will see the loveliest corners of London in the process!

British Sakura 🌸🇬🇧🌸 #london #sakura #wanderlust

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Regent’s Park

Similar to Notting Hill, this is a bit of an obvious one, but nothing beats a walk in Regent’s Park. Feed the ducks, smell the roses, grab a 99 flake and enjoy the sunny day!

🍦🌺👍 #99 #spring #bankholiday #icecream #instagood

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Greenwich Park

Most of the places I mentioned above are in West London, but if like me and many other Londoners you are based either East or South of the river, Greenwich Park is a great place to enjoy Spring. Not only does it have one of the best views of the city, it also is home to the fantastic National Maritime Museum AND if you explore the area behind the Observatory, you will find the most beautiful alleyway of cherry trees!

Greenwich Sunday walk #greenwichpark #sundays #wanderlust

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Go explore those places and for a split second you may even forget that you are in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world!

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El Pastor – London

Another day and another London eatery to share with you!

Now, who doesn’t like tacos? Pretty much no one! And if you are not a Mexican food fan but are still looking for a nice place to eat in London I recommend you check out this link where hopefully you will find something you like better! For the others, today I am taking to El Pastor a little taqueria lost in the back streets of Borough Market.

El Pastor London

It had made some noise the past few months with a fair amount of decent reviews so I thought I would check it out! I headed there on Tuesday using the excuse of a girlfriend catch-up and Tacos-Tuesday (I lived in the US for a while, can you tell?) to try El Pastor.

El Pastor London

Similar to Padella, the queue can be the killer here. Do not expect to get a table straight away. Add your name to the list, go grab a drink at Flat Iron Square and wait for the text announcing that you are finally allowed to eat.

Once sat, we both ordered a Pacifico beer, which for two people who never drink beer, tasted appropriately beery and fresh.

El Pastor London

We decided to give the mains the lead role and skipped both starters and desserts. It is also good to note that the staff was great at managing my food allergy to avocado (one terrible human tragedy I know) with all the guacamole flying around.

Kitchen at El Pastor London

There are 2 tacos per portion which is perfect for sharing. We order a good variety of mains and there were some disappointments but also some great surprises!

***Warning the pictures that follow are a bit graining but the place is fairly dark and my camera on its last stretch! ***

We ordered the Al Pastor, the signature tacos with marinated pork, caramelised pineapple and guacamole. I had to have it without the guacamole which made it a little dry. The meat serving was generous and tasty but the pineapple piece was too much on the small side. Good but not mind-blowing.

Al pastor pork tacos El Pastor London

We then had the mushroom tacos, which were… DE-LI-CIOUS! I am making the effort of trying more of the vegetarian options at restaurants and this one did not disappoint. The mushrooms were juicy but not watery, the cheese was tasty but not overpowering. A real and very pleasant surprise!

Mushroom tacos El Pastor London

We liked it so much that we ordered another portion of these!

We tried the Choripapa tacos, a mix of chorizo and potato served with salsa verde. It was tasty and the potato felt surprisingly present to the palate against the spiciness of the chorizo.

Choripapa tacos with chorizo and potatoes El Pastor London

Finally, we shared the Gringa quesadilla. The pork quantity was very generous but it could have done with more cheese and been a bit bigger. One quesadilla is just enough for 2 people to share.

Gringa pork quesadilla El Pastor London

All mains are between £6 and £8 so you can eat for around £30 with a drink which is not too excessive in London.

So if you are looking for gastro-gourmet tacos on a Tuesday evening, head to London Bridge and add your name to the list. ¡Buen provecho

El Pastor London

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Mercato Metropolitano – London

One of my favourite food markets in London is Mercato Metropolitano, and this is a big statement knowing how many street food places there are in London!

Mercato Metropolitano entrance London

Mercato Metropolitano is hidden in an old warehouse of Elephant & Castle and just a stone’s throw away from the famous Ministry of Sound. From the outside, it may look deceivingly small, but don’t get fooled by the narrow entrance. Once inside you will be surprised by the scale of this place!

Mercato Metropolitano entrance London

There are three main areas in Mercato Metropolitano, the warehouse where most of the food stalls are. Prezzemolo & Vitale, the Italian deli, a big store full of delicious fresh products which you can either take home or consume on site (including the wine!). And there is the outdoor garden area, a great place to hang out in the summer evenings with a glass (or jug!) of Pimms.

Mercato Metropolitano LondonMercato Metropolitano Italian deliMercato Metropolitano London outdoor area

My routine is as follow when I go there. And yes, I do have a routine because I am massively a regular- I just love this place so much!

Mercato Metropolitano London

First stop is the Italian Deli where we will buy a bottle of wine to enjoy in the market. The staff is amazing and will happily make you taste different options before you buy a bottle. I even converted one of my friends to red wine in this shop!

Mercato Metropolitano Italian deli

The second step is to browse all the different food options before selecting your lunch or dinner. I highly recommend the meat platter from the Argentine Grill, the pulled pork burger at Prairie Fire BBQ, the charcuterie and cheese plate from Champagne & Fromage and the gelatos at Gelateria Badiani.

Mercato Metropolitano gelatoMercato Metropolitano London BBQMercato Metropolitano pulled pork burger

Finally, grab a table inside during the winter or on a rainy day (Mercato Metropolitano is opened all year round!) or outside on warmer and sunnier days.

Mercato Metropolitano foodMercato Metropolitano London outdoor area

End your visit by checking out all the cool street art going on in the venue and grabbing some Italian treats at the deli to take home. Get some houseplants at RootLabs or go watch a movie at the Backyard Cinema.

Mercato Metropolitano London street artMercato Metropolitano RootLabs bus

So make sure to pay a visit to Mercato Metropolitano, and if you have visitors in town bring them with you! They will be blown away by the place and they will find something they like no matter what!

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Obidos, Portugal

Probably one of our favourite places to visit during our stay in Portugal, Obidos is a very picturesque fortified town. The quaint traditional houses, the narrow cobbled streets reminded me a lot of Paraty in Brazil.

Obidos Portugal

I just love the Portuguese architecture with the white houses and their colourful trims.

Obidos street

Obidos is only an hour away from Lisbon, so just like Sintra and Cascais, it is a great day trip option.

Obidos street

The town is a great example of traditional Portuguese city. Historically, the place was owned by the queen of Portugal and you can understand why! Every square inch of Obidos is perfectly taken cared of. The pride of the locals transpires throughout the town.

Plants in street of Obidos

The Obidos is encircled with fortified walls which you can climb and walk around. It isn’t for the faint-hearted though as there are no safety rails. It is fairly high so avoid it if you suffer from vertigo. We ran into a few people a little petrified and who just couldn’t take a step further because of the height.

Medieval wall in ObidosObidos Portugal

If you are not afraid of heights and have good footwear make sure to climb on the wall! From there the views over the terracotta tiled roofs are wonderful.

Medieval wall in ObidosObidos Portugal

After a thrilling climb, rest and explore the quiet cobbled back-streets, far away from the tourist crowds. Get a pastel de nata if you feel a bit dizzy from the wall walk.

Obidos CastlePasteis de Nata in Obidos

Grab a glass of Ginja de Obidos, a cherry liquor produced in the region. The drink is served in small chocolate cups which makes for a flavoursome treat after drinking the Ginja.

The main street Rua Direita is lined with a variety of shops and the perfect place to get some beautiful traditional Portuguese ceramics. My favourite were the ones with the sardines design.

Obidos PortugalObidos street

At the end of your visit head to the main car park where you will find Obidos impressive aqueduct.

Obidos Aqueduct

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4 days in Lisbon

Lisbon had been on my list for a long time and, to be perfectly honest, I am not sure what took me so long to visit! In the recent years, Lisbon has become a very trendy destination. The weather is good, prices are affordable, the food and bar scenes are excellent and there are some decent sights to visit between all the eating and drinking.

The city feels young, exciting and vibrant – like a coming of age destination. Now grab yourself a glass of Vinho Verde because this is a long one!

Day 1 – Arriving in Lisbon and Príncipe Real

We landed in Lisbon around lunch time and after getting the keys to our Airbnb, we headed straight out to do some groceries and explore Príncipe Real which was only 15 minutes from where we stayed.

Tiled house Príncipe Real Lisbon

Our Airbnb was on Avenue Almirante Reis which is perfect if you want to walk to most places during your stay. From there we headed toward Príncipe Real via Avenida da Liberdade.

Marquess Pombal Statue Lisbon

We spent the afternoon exploring the cobbled streets, admiring the tiled houses and grabbing a couple of drinks on the way.

Tiled house Príncipe Real Lisbon

We had a beer at Cerveteca Lisboa, a drink with a view at Lost In, followed with dinner at Bossa. All great places!

Cerveteca LisboaLost In LisbonBossa Lisbon

Day 2 – Alfama, Campo de Ourique, Jardim Estrela, Cais do Sodres and Ponto Final

We headed out early on our second day to explore the Alfama. The walk there was a workout in itself with all the hills and steps to climb.

Alfama stairs

After arriving at our first stop, the Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte, we rewarded ourselves with a Pastel de Nata and a coffee, a regular occurrence during our trip to Portugal.

Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte LisbonClaire Imaginarium Lisbon

We then zigzagged through the streets of the Alfama to our next stop the Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. Again we enjoyed the view and the break from the steps.

Claire Imaginarium LisbonMiradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

Heading back down toward the Tagus, we swung by Church of São Vicente of Fora and the Panteão Nacional.

Panteão Nacional LisbonAlfama Lisbon

We ran into several tramways and armies of tourists before reaching Miradouro de Santa Luzia.

Tramway in Alfama LisbonMiradouro de Santa Luzia

It is good to note that even if Lisbon is packed with tourists, there are so many little streets to get lost in that crowds do not take away the charm of the city.

Street art Alfama Lisbon

We still had a bit of time before lunch and peeked inside Lisbon Cathedral.

Lisbon Cathedral

I happen to have a cousin living in Lisbon, which meant that we had to head to the opposite side of the city for lunch (which I will come to in a minute). BUT, if you do not have any other commitments, I would recommend you stay in the Alfama on that day and head to Castelo de San Jorge, which I talk about on day 3!

Tramways Alfama Lisbon

My cousin offered to meet for lunch at Mercado de Campo de Ourique, and we were so happy he did as otherwise we would have never found this amazing food market!

Mercado de Campo de Ourique Lisbon

We then spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and strolling in the Jardim Estrela, before heading back to the city centre. We grabbed a drink and enjoyed the sunset at Cais do Sodres before heading to the other side of the Tagus for a dinner at Ponto Final.

Sunset in Cais do Sodres LisbonPonto Final Lisbon

Day 3 – Baixa and Castelo de San Jorge

We started our third day in Baixa, in the city centre of Lisbon.

Tiled house Lisbon

We walked from our Airbnb to Praça Rossio and Praça dos Restauradores. Both squares are very beautiful and the cobbled floors reminded me of Copacabana’s beachfront. Here I could really recognise the Portuguese influences you can find in Brazil.

Praça Rossio LisbonBaixa Lisbon

Our next stop was the Elevador de Santa Justa. The queue takes a little while but nothing unbearable and the views and the architecture of the tower really worth going at the top!

Elevador de Santa Justa LisbonElevador de Santa Justa Lisbon

Unfortunately for us it started raining as soon as we reached the top of the tower… Just our luck…

Elevador de Santa Justa view Lisbon

But we didn’t get discouraged and after taking a few nice yet grey pictures we sheltered in the shops of Baixa for a spot of retail therapy (someone forgot to pack his swimshorts…). And just like that, the rain was gone.

Praça Rossio Lisbon

We picked up our visit where we left it the day before when meeting with my cousin and strolled across Praça do Comércio before heading to our lunch destination Time Out Market.

Praça do Comércio LisbonTime Out Market Lisbon

After a lovely lunch and in need of a digestive walk, we headed back up into the hills of the Alfama to visit Castelo de San Jorge.

Alfama stairs Lisbon

The views from there were amazing it was really interesting to learn more about the life at the Moorish castle.

Castelo de San Jorge LisbonCastelo de San Jorge view Lisbon

Plus, you can actually order glasses of wine to sip on while visiting the castle’s grounds. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Castelo de San Jorge Lisbon

We ended our day back at our flat for a glass of rose before heading back out for the most delicious meal at Banca de Pau.

Banca de Pau Lisbon

Day 4 – Belem and Lx Factory

Our final day was spent west of Lisbon in Belem. I would recommend getting the train there as it is fairly far from the more central neighbourhoods.

Tower of Belem Lisbon

We started our walk at the Museu do Combatente.

Museu do Combatente Lisbon

We then headed to the Tower of Belem. We skipped the tour as the queue was extremely long and enjoyed the view from the outside.

Tower of Belem Lisbon

After a coffee break at one of the cafes along the bank, we kept walking toward the Padrão dos Descobrimentos. The stroll along the Tagus is very pleasant with fishermen busy fishing and children busy playing.

Tagus seagul Lisbon

Our next stop was the famous Jerónimos Monastery.

Jerónimos Monastery Lisbon

Again the queues were so long, and the weather so lovely, that we decided to skip the full tour and limit our visit to the cathedral.

Jerónimos Monastery cathedral Lisbon

Working up an appetite we grabbed a couple of Pasteis de Nata at the very famous Pasteis de Belém and enjoyed these on a bench in the sun.

Pasteis de Belém Lisbon

Our final destination was Lx Factory where we had lunch, enjoyed the views of the Ponte 25 de Abril and spent the afternoon admiring the street art of local artists.

Ponte 25 de Abril LisbonLisbon tramwaysLx Factory Lisbon

Lisbon stole our heart! It is one of those few cities we visited where we actually considered moving too, and thus only after 4 days!

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4 days in Lisbon itinerary