The boat at the end of the street

Now I wish the end of my street looked like that! Instead I have the view of a recycling bin and a bus stop…

Mykonos – 2016

Street and boat in Mykonos

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The boat and the bridge

A very common sight in Istanbul, yet the boats are so big, the bridges so high and the Bosphorus so wide, nothing compares to the scale of Istanbul.

Istanbul – 2015

Bosphorus bridge and boat

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Elegant Italian boat

This little guy could have easily got a part in a James Bond movie.

Leuca (Puglia) – 2016

Boat in Leuca Puglia

Floating by Polignano A Mare

I would give everything to be one one of those little boat for the day.

Polignano A Mare – 2016

Polignano A Mare

Brazilian fisherman

A fisherman fixing his nets. What you don’t see is the rush hour on Copacabana just behind me.

Rio de Janeiro – 2013


Brazilian beach

As Coldplay once said:

“And dreamed of para-para-paradise,

Ihla Grande – 2013