Red bridge in Miyajima

Follow the red bridge to the secret Japanese garden.

Miyajima island – 2017

Red bridge in Miyajima

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Osaka Castle

The bridge to grandeur.

Osaka – 2017

Osaka castle

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The Queen’s bridge

When you own pretty much the entire country, including the walking paths.

Bourton on the Water – 2017

Bridge Bourton on the Water

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The boat and the bridge

A very common sight in Istanbul, yet the boats are so big, the bridges so high and the Bosphorus so wide, nothing compares to the scale of Istanbul.

Istanbul – 2015

Bosphorus bridge and boat

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Istanbul bridge

Fan of architecture? Istanbul needs to be on your list! Giant bridges, old wood houses and skyscrapers. There is something for everybody’s taste!
Istanbul – 2015
Istanbul bridge architecture

The house under the bridge

The fact that it isn’t a small house but an actual mansion under that bridge makes it even more impressive!

Istanbul – 2015


Fishing in the Bosphorus

It’s all in the title.

I love the tranquillity of this scene against the urban agitation of Istanbul in the background.

Istanbul – 2015