White Fiat 500

When in Italy, drive what the Italians drive.

Otranto – 2016

Puglia Otranto white Fiat 500


Fiat 500

A classic.

Puglia – 2016


Wedding car

Driving away in the sunset with that little guy.

Brazil – 2013


Ready for the race

I am not into cars at all, but I really like the rounded vintage headlights of these Porsche cars.

New York – 2012


Clean me

That’s pretty much my plan this weekend… Clean the house and paint some walls.

What about you? Anything exciting?

Bath – 2011


Alfa Romeo

Took that picture in the Highlands in Scotland. My husband was so pleased with the it that he uses it as a background picture on all his devices… I guess a picture of his Alfa Romeo is better than a picture of me…

Scotland – 2013


Italian traffic

I couldn’t stop giggling when I took this picture in Sorrento. They couldn’t agree who should go first and that lasted a little while. Italian drivers…

Sorrento – 2013