The dragon guard

Keep the watch at the temple in Chinag Mai.

Chiang Mai – 2014

Chiang Mai dragon statues

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Elephant sanctuary

When in Thailand, if you want a real mahout experience in a place which doesn’t abuse the elephants make sure to visit  Baan Chang Elephant Park!

Chiang Mai – 2014

Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai

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Red umbrellas

Little Thai wonders, like red umbrellas nicely lined up to keep those bells in the shade.

Chiang Mai – 2014

Red paper umbrellas Chiang Mai

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Haunted house

Not sure I would want to spend the night here…

Chiang Mai – 2014


Rainbow lanterns

I want the same for my garden!

Chiang Mai – 2014


Thai boxing

Love the vintage looking boxing posters you find across Thailand.

Chiang Mai – 2014


White lanterns

All electric cables and poles should be decorated like this! Make them so much more pleasant to look at!

Chiang Mai – 2014