Oia’s harbour

It takes a lot of steps to make it to the sea.

Oia – 2016

Oia's harbour Santorini


Elegant Italian boat

This little guy could have easily got a part in a James Bond movie.

Leuca (Puglia) – 2016

Boat in Leuca Puglia

Little sailing boats

Italian boats are so colourful.

Tricase Porto (Puglia) – 2016

boats in Tricase Porto

Rowing boats

Pick your favourite shade of blue to go fish your lunch!

Tricase Porto – 2016

Italy Puglia Tricase Porto rowing boats

Turquoise water

The colour of the Mediterranean in Otranto is pure bliss to look at.

Otranto – 2016


Boat park

Less organised than a car park but much more fun than a car.

Gallipoli – 2016