Italian church ceiling

Always raise your head when visiting Italian buildings, that’s where the best architectural details hide!

Otranto – 2016

SItalian church ceiling

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Enoteca (plural: Enoteche) is an Italian word that is derived from the Greek word Οινοθήκη, which literally means “wine repository” (from Oeno/Eno- Οινός “wine”, and teca Θήκη, “receptacle, case, box”), but it is used to describe a special type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy. (Source: Wikipedia)

My type of place.

Otranto – 2016

Enoteca Otranto

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Otranto harbour

Fortified town and luxurious yachts living side by side.

Otranto – 2016

Otranto harbour

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Otranto street

Sand coloured architecture and turquoise sky.

Otranto – 2016


White Fiat 500

When in Italy, drive what the Italians drive.

Otranto – 2016

Puglia Otranto white Fiat 500

Turquoise water

The colour of the Mediterranean in Otranto is pure bliss to look at.

Otranto – 2016


Behind the olive tree

I know that place where the water is turquoise.

Puglia – 2016


Say cheese!

The more turquoise the water, the more likes you get for that selfie!

Puglia – 2016


A week in Puglia, Italy

Starting to plan your summer vacations and thinking about Italy? Want try something a little off the beaten touristic track?

Puglia may just be the place! The ‘heel of the boot’ is a real little rustic wonder. Excellent food, turquoise waters, look no further!

Now grab an Aperol Spritz or a glass of rose because it’s a long one! If reading isn’t your thing, check out our trip highlights video!

We landed around lunch time in Bari and headed straight South-West. We checked-in at Tenuta Yala, a wonderful agriturismo which I highly recommend!

Tenuta Yala AgriturismoTenuta Yala AgriturismoTenuta Yala Agriturismo bedroom

We relaxed for the rest of the day, enjoying a glass or two of wine and a filling dinner at the place.

We woke up bright and early the following day and headed South to Tricase Porto and Leuca. The drive by the coast was just fantastic!

Leuca lighhouse

Tricase Porto is teeny tiny, so you will only need an hour there. We walked by the harbour and the seafront and took a minute to appreciate the turquoise water.

Tricase PortoTricase Porto Tricase PortoTricase Porto

Next stop was Leuca. It is not the prettiest city, people mainly come there for the beach. So we just walked around the town grabbed a bite to eat and a gelato.


We then headed back and had dinner in Gallipoli at Al De Pace. It was one of our best meal there, the octopus pastas were to die for, and the tiramisu was just delicious! Well worth a visit! Gallipoli at night

The following day we headed West to Otranto. It was one of our favourite villages in Puglia, full of history and surrounded by turquoise water. A medieval gem in a paradise setting!


We then thought it would be a good idea to head to Galatina for lunch… It is good to note that on Mondays most restaurants are closed in Italy. The town is beautiful but it was completely dead! It may worth going on another day as we ended up having a very unsatisfying sandwich from a local shop.


We ended the day enjoying the sunset at Baia Verde with a glass of Aperol and a new friend! A glorious sunset on the Mediterranean sea followed by a delicious dinner at Sciamu Moi.

Baia VerdeBaia VerdeBaia VerdeBaia Verde

On our third day  we headed to Porto Cesareo, a very rustic village with a beautiful beach.

Porto CesareoPorto Cesareo

After a quick lunch we headed to Gallipoli old town and got lost in the little cobbled streets. The city is very charming and extremely lively in the evenings!


The following day we started our exploration of the central and east parts of Puglia, starting with Lecce. It is called the ‘Florence of the South’ and you can really see why. The town is beautiful and very grand!


When you are there, make sure to grab lunch at L’Angolino di Via Matteotti for the most delicious puccia, a traditional sandwich people have for lunch.

We then headed to Brindisi, which to be honest, didn’t really worth a stop. The town is pretty but there really isn’t much to do.


Thursday was one of our favourite days! We headed to Ostuni, Cisternino and Alberobello which were all beautiful!

Ostuni is a true vision! Rising from the top of the hill like a white gem.


Cisternino is a smaller version of Ostuni but still worth a visit!


Alberobello is magical with its streets of trullos, the traditional Puglian houses.


We ended the day at a once in a lifetime restaurant. Grotta Palazzese in Polignano A Mare. The venue is insane, but the food wasn’t the best we had. Also it is EXPENSIVE so only go there if you really want to tick it off your bucket list.

Grotta Palazzese Polignano A Mare

Looking familiar? Probably because its pictures are all over Pinterest!

Grotta Palazzese Polignano A MareGrotta Palazzese Polignano A MareGrotta Palazzese Polignano A Mare

Our second to last day was dedicated to relaxation (finally!). We went for a little walk around Martina Franca and Locorontodo followed by an afternoon on the beach in Monopoli.

Martina FrancaMartina FrancaMartina FrancaLocorontodoLocorontodoMonopoli beachMonopoli beach

For our last day we went to explore Monopoli, Polignano A Mare and Bari. All beautiful! All very Pinterest-able and Instagram-able!

MonopoliMonopoliMonopoliMonopoliPolignano A MarePolignano A MarePolignano A MarePolignano A MareBariBari

Hope you enjoyed this very long but summery post!