Concrete jungle

Dubai, the place where the real trees meet the concrete trees.

Dubai – 2014

Dubai Marina

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Beach time

Brazil really has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Also it’s so big you’ll always find space for your towel!

Brazil – 2013

Brazil white sand beach

Tower & palm trees

Which one is the tallest?

Dubai – 2014

Dubai Burj-Khalifa palm trees

Palm street

Summer sky, summer plants, summer view.

Cisternino – 2016

Street Cisternino Puglia

Puglian street

Brindisi’s streets almost have a Cuban vibe!

Brindisi (Puglia) – 2016


At the top of the mountain

An unusual view of the Christ Redeemer from Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden.

Rio de Janeiro – 2013


Brazilian Summer

Just you, the white sand, the palm trees, and the sea.

Brazil – 2013


Wedding car

Driving away in the sunset with that little guy.

Brazil – 2013


The palm trees

Nothing says the “summer is getting closer!” like a row of big green palm trees!

Italy – 2016


Lopes Mendes

Lopes Mendes in Brazil is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. The sand is so thin that it squeak under your feet (yes, squeak!). It is a 2-3 hours hike in the jungle to get there from the main village but it worth it!

Ihla Grande (Brazil) – 2013