Galatina street

A quintessential Italian street.

Galatina – 2016

Galatina street


Street light

The light at the end of the street.

Ostuni (Puglia) – 2016

Italy Puglia Ostuni street light

White Fiat 500

When in Italy, drive what the Italians drive.

Otranto – 2016

Puglia Otranto white Fiat 500

Italian street

The laundry is drying, the geraniums are blossoming and the sun is shining. Who doesn’t love Italy?

Martina Franca – 2016

Italy Puglia Martina Franca street

The red building

I wish I had a little Italian pad in there.

Monopoli – 2016

Italy Puglia Monopoli red building

Haunted house

Not sure I would want to spend the night here…

Chiang Mai – 2014


Italian laundry

Laundry days in Italy always seem more joyful than anywhere else.

Locorontodo – 2016

Italy Puglia Locorontodo laundry

Palm street

Summer sky, summer plants, summer view.

Cisternino – 2016

Street Cisternino Puglia


Just watching life passing by with a friend by your side.

Martina Franca – 2016

Puglia Martina Franca friends