Agios Sostis beach path

The Great British Winter seems to have no end… Send me back to sunny Mykonos now!

Mykonos – 2016

Agios Sostis beach in Mykonos

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Beach time

Brazil really has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Also it’s so big you’ll always find space for your towel!

Brazil – 2013

Brazil white sand beach

The red dress

Anything to get the best picture.

Santorini – 2016

Red dress Santorini

Elegant Italian boat

This little guy could have easily got a part in a James Bond movie.

Leuca (Puglia) – 2016

Boat in Leuca Puglia

Gallipoli street lights

We discovered this beautiful tradition on our trip to Puglia. All the towns streets are decorated with the most impressive light displays.

Gallipoli – 2016

Gallipoli street lights

Polignano A Mare beach

One of the most beautiful beaches? Probably.

Polignano A Mare (Puglia) – 2016

Polignano A Mare beach

Greek donkey

This little guy ‘outfit’ is matching the Mediterranean sea.

Santorini – 2016

Santorini greek donkey

Little sailing boats

Italian boats are so colourful.

Tricase Porto (Puglia) – 2016

boats in Tricase Porto