The dragon guard

Keep the watch at the temple in Chinag Mai.

Chiang Mai – 2014

Chiang Mai dragon statues

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Red umbrellas

Little Thai wonders, like red umbrellas nicely lined up to keep those bells in the shade.

Chiang Mai – 2014

Red paper umbrellas Chiang Mai

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Gold stork

This one doesn’t bring babies though, only light.

Bangkok – 2014


108 wishes

In Wat Pho you will see the 108 wishes coin pots. Each coin equals to a wish. Now what are the 108 things I am wishing for?

Bangkok – 2014


Big feet

The reclining Buddha in Wat Pho (Bangkok) is impressive,  but the details on his feet is what amazed me the most.

Bangkok – 2014


Rainbow lanterns

I want the same for my garden!

Chiang Mai – 2014