Giant mushrooms

Some interesting landscaping in the Cotswolds.

Painswick – 2017

Painswick church trees

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Colourful tree

I love how trees in Thailand were colourful scarves.

Bangkok – 2014


Rainbow lanterns

I want the same for my garden!

Chiang Mai – 2014


The stump

That tree used to have a nice view!

Lake District (Cumbria) – 2014


First signs of Spring

Some trees are already blossoming in London!

Boston – 2012



I love the effect these beautifully manicured bonsai create. It is a very serene sight.

In the process of decorating the house, I became a big fan of plants. They give more character to a room, making it feel more fresh and alive. However, there is one little issue here… I am a serial plant killer. No matter what I do, they die!

Bangkok – 2014


Lonely tree

Wadi Rum is so vast that even trees are dwarfed by it.

Wadi Rum – 2012


Later summer

That’s it folks! Summer 2016 – it’s a wrap!

Not going to lie, you haven’t been the greatest weather-wise (faaaaaar from it in England) but you’ve been pretty relaxing.

Now let’s get ready for changes of colours and crisp walks in the outdoor. Autumn 2016, I am ready for you!

Bath – 2011


The tree in the valley

Wadi Rum is breathtakingly beautiful, and that is one of the most photogenic tree I have ever come across.

Wadi Rum – 2012