My favourite pictures of 2017

Now, this post took me A LONG time to write, not because of the number of words, but because I have a major problem – I take wayyyyyyyy too many pictures. I had to go through the 7000+ photographs I took this year. It was long, it was difficult to choose but I did it! I selected three of my most favourite pictures I took in 2017.

As I mentioned multiple times before, I am not a professional photographer, far from that! I am more of a point and shoot person. What I believe I am good at though is paying attention to the small things. I see moments and I try to take a picture before they vanished away into a crowd.

So please don’t judge my technical skills as they are rather poor, but I hope you will see some sort of beauty into the three pictures below.

The lovers in Kyoto

Where – Fushimi Inari Taisha

When – In early May 2017 during our trip to Japan

The story – One of this moment where I was just in the right place at the right time. I saw this couple walking ahead of us and was admiring their beautiful traditional outfits. They suddenly turned left heading to a small shrine. I quickly stepped out of the crowd, they were alone so I took a single picture. I usually take at least three shots at least, so I was lucky this one wasn’t completely blurry.

Couple in Fushimi Inari Taisha Kyoto

The tramways of Lisbon

Where – Rua 1º de Maio, Lisbon

When – Late September 2017 during our visit to Lisbon.

The story – We were walking from Jerónimos Monastery to LxFactory and Andrew told me to look to my right, through a metallic fence, we noticed what looked like old traditional tramways. I squeezed my arm through the fence and snapped a few times and, luckily for me, the pictures turned out to be pretty decent.

Tramways in Lisbon

A bridge to the Beach

Where – Chesil Beach

When – In late May when visiting the Jurassic Coast

The story – The weather was absolutely awful that day – rain and fog! We were disappointed of course but I found some magic in the colours. Everything was grey and beige. We drove past Chesil Beach, Andrew parked the car and actually stayed in it. I jumped out, took one step on the bridge and took this picture. It reminds me that even though the weather in England can be pretty terrible, there is so much beauty to be discovered.

Chesil Beach in Dorset

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