Ethos – London

When visiting London as a tourist or meeting friends for lunch somewhere central, it can be challenging to eat healthily. London offers so many temptations. You can have some of the best burgers and pizzas available, and there are endless unhealthy snack options. London is a big playground for foodies.

After enjoying every naughty food options the city has to offer, you will eventually crave for some healthy food. I just know the type of place you will be looking for on that day, where only healthy food is served but without any compromise on flavours. No boring kale salad here!

Just behind the very busy Oxford Street, you will find Ethos an eatery only serving tasty vegetarian food. A temple for all the gluten-dairy-sugar-free Londoners, and a nice discovery for common human beings like me. I am French which means I eat meat (medium rare please!), cheese (a lot) and bread with all the gluten in it. Yet even I have days where I crave for a tasty salad and Ethos is my go-to for a healthy and tasty kick.

Ethos London

The concept of Ethos is that you pay-by-weight. The food is served at a buffet, you grab a plate, load it with whatever you like the look of, and go to the till to pay.

Ethos London Buffet

Options go from salads to hot dishes, dips and cakes. There is something for everyone!

Ethos London Buffet

I highly recommend the beetroot fritters, they are delicious! (top of the picture below)

Ethos London Buffet with beetroot fritters

The place itself is lovely too. It has a bit of a New York vibe and the Ethos team has added a few nice little touches to the decor, highlighting their main objective to work gently with what nature has to offer.

Ethos London Interior

Just be careful not to have eyes bigger than your stomach as prices can be a little steep for a big plate. Mine was about £12 and it was just enough to keep my appetite at bay until late afternoon.

Ethos London Lunch plate

So if you need a break from the gourmet burgers and the cupcakes, and you happen to be in central London, try to get a table at Ethos! You may just need to be patient as it can get very busy! Bon appétit!

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