Maltby Street Market – London

I have been based in London for more than seven years now so one would think I know the city pretty well, which I do, yet every now and then I make an amazing new discovery. That is the beauty of London, it never ceases to surprise you!

This brings me to today’s venue: Maltby Street Market. I only discovered this place last year when Andrew took me for my birthday. One of our favourite things to do in London is exploring a new spot so we make sure to do it for every birthday.

Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market is squeezed between a railway and some residential buildings just south of London Bridge, so it isn’t the easiest place to find. Just walk along the railway arches and you will know you are getting close when the density of people increases.

Maltby Street Market

Once arrived walk along the food stalls to pick your lunch. Andrew and I have been there multiple times and tried everything from rice burgers to mini doughnuts.

Maltby Street food stall

Last time we went I opted for one of the giant chilli beef hotdogs from Herman Ze German.

Maltby Street Herman Ze German hotdog

Andrew got some delicious Asian fried chicken from Da Ja Chicken.

Maltby Street Da Ja chicken

Then if you fancy, why not ending the food-part of the afternoon (you just wait there is more coming!) with a sweet treat from Bad Brownie. Gooey, naughty and selling fast as you can see!

Maltby Street Bad Brownies

Now let’s head to my favourite part of Maltby Street Market, the drinking part! Who’s in with me for cheeky G&T?

Maltby Street Market

Head toward the south end of the alleyway where you will find Hiver Beers and the Bermondsey distillery.

Maltby Street Jensen's Gin

Playing slightly on the gender cliches, Andrew opted for a beer (well, a lot more than one but that is another story) and I opted for a delicious gin and tonic from Jensen’s, my favourite London gin!

Maltby Street Jensen's Gin

I recommend you ask to try their two signature gins – the Old Tom and the Bermondsey Dry – before to order. My favourites you ask? I love the classic Dry with a regular tonic and the Old Tom with the rhubarb tonic.

End the day chatting away in the sun, the head spinning a bit because of one too many drinks. We only live once, right?

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