A Sunday afternoon in Herne Hill

Last weekend Andrew and I wanted to make the most of the sunshine as it seems the warm weather may be leaving us soon and the normal British summer weather will resume shortly (read rainy and cold). Exploring a new part of London is one of our favourite hobbies so we thought we would find a place we are less familiar with. After a bit of scrolling and pointing on Google Map (the modern spin the globe and point), we settled on Herne Hill. We had been there before but briefly so we were keen to explore the area more thoroughly.

Brockwell Park

We first stopped at Brockwell Park, a lovely (and big!) green space with amazing views of London. We looped around the park, admiring in the process the Brockwell Hall, the view and the lido. Brockwell Lido is famous for its cafe and we tried to get a table with Andrew, but it was such a beautiful day that the queue extended around the building, so we gave up. I will make sure to go back early one morning, try it and let you know if it worth queuing for!

Brockwell Hall

Herne Hill town centre is at the bottom of the hill and every Sunday the high street is turned into a farmer’s market. With more than 50 traders you will find pretty much everything and anything – cheese, meat, cakes, antiques, clothes, the list could go on.

Herne Hill Market

It was a balmy 32 degrees that day so we were on the hunt for a refreshing afternoon treat and were immediately sold when we saw the sign for gelatos! However, that sign also indicated that we would find the said gelatos in the train station… Odd, but you know us, we are pretty brave and we love a wild adventure, so we headed to Herne Hill station. Indeed the sign was correct, between to train ticket machines we found Minus 12 Gelateria.

Minus 12 gelato Herne Hill

Fun fact, the founder of Minus 12 designed, built and fitted out the kiosk in the station. Places like this remind me why I love London, here if you have an idea or want to do something differently chances are you will meet people as crazy as you are which will help you make it happen.

Minus 12 gelato Herne Hill

We both got tempted by the ‘Special’ flavour called Choconuts – chocolate gelato with caramel and crushed praline almonds, I mean…

Minus 12 gelato Herne Hill

We ended the day with a gelato and a glass of rosé. One lovely summer afternoon…

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