Brockley’s Rock – London

I used to never think much about fish and chips, I always considered it to be the British take on fast and easy food. Often the ones I had were too greasy, the fish too dry or the chips too mushy. I was only eating fish and chips when there was nothing else appealing on the menu or when I needed the extra calories. That was until I discovered Brockley’s Rock and found out that there were ‘meh’ fish and chips and ‘ok now that is actually good’ fish and chips.

Brockley's Rock fish

Brockley’s Rock is, as its name indicates, on Brockley’s high street and has a noticeable queue on Friday and Saturday’s evening and for good reasons! It has been named one of the best fish and chips shops in Britain and was a finalist to the National Fish and Chip Awards (yes it is a thing).

Brockley's RockBrockley's Rock queue

The takeaway menu is classic, you pick your favourite fish (haddock for me please!) and add a side of chips and mushy peas if you fancy.

Brockley's Rock menu

What makes Brockley’s Rock exceptional is that 1) the portions are HUGE, you will get an entire fish and the regular chips can easily be shared by two persons, 2) the batter is perfectly crispy and not too greasy and 3) the homemade mushy peas and tartare sauce are delicious.

Brockley's Rock

The ultimate British comfort food! I mean look at the size of the fish on one of our bigger plates!

Brockley's Rock fish and chips with tartare sauce and mushy peas

Brockley’s Rock also happens to have a sit-down restaurant which is quite rare for a fish and chips shop. It isn’t the fanciest setting but it is always very busy which is a good sign. The menu is similar to the takeaway one with the addition of starters. I haven’t had dinner there yet but apparently, the seafood platter is excellent.

Brockley's Rock

I also love how they are using their younger customers’ drawings as wall art.

Brockley's Rock drawings

Brockley’s Rock caters for any diet with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options so anyone can enjoy a good old British takeaway!

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