The best places to see Autumn foliage in London

Autumn is at its peak in London. Finally, temperatures have dropped and the trees are now starting to turn all shades of gold and red. Following the success of my guide to see Cherry Blossom in London I thought I would do an Autumn version to help you find the best spots to see golden foliage in the Big Smoke.

The best places to see Autumn foliage in London

Crystal Palace

A hidden gem, this neighbourhood of London is very charming and boasts some of the best views in London. It also has a huge park where once stood an actual crystal palace (well it was glass but still, must have been impressive). The park is also home to one of the most random and fun places in London the Dinosaur Park. Where Jurassic Park meets Hocus Pocus!

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park needs no introductions. Home to the Prime Meridian and some great museums like the National Maritime Museum, it is a big favourite among South Londoners for a Sunday afternoon stroll. The views are great and there are many corners of the park to explore under a rain of yellow leaves.

Hampstead Heath

Get lost in Hampstead Heath and you will completely forget that you are in London! This is not a park but an actual forest with many spots with amazing views, swimming ponds and the beautiful Kenwood House. Grab a blanket, a bottle of your favourite wine and have an autumnal picnic. You can easily spend an entire afternoon there without getting bored.

The best places to see Autumn foliage in London - Greenwich Park

Regents Park

The most central place on this list, Regents Park gets busy with tourists and locals and for good reasons! It is one of the most beautiful parks in London and is an epic Autumn destination when all the trees turn the most vibrant shades of orange.


Richmond is one of my favourite places to go for an autumnal walk. Every November Andrew and I grab coffees (pumpkin spice latte for me, flat white for him) and we wander in what feels like the countryside. We hang out with the deer which roam freely in the park for a little while before going back to the lovely high street for a spot of lunch.

Now that I shared with you the best places to see Autumn foliage in London if you would just excuse me, I am going to grab a pumpkin flavour beverage and go for a wander. See you there!

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