Greenwich Grind – London

Although Greenwich is a fantastic neighbourhood to explore until recently it had never been a place we headed to for a mid-week dinner out. It didn’t have many eateries and we had exhausted most options a long time ago. Of course, Greenwich had (and still does have) a fantastic food market and some lovely cafes, but it wasn’t what I would describe as ‘vibrant’ on a Tuesday evening.

This was until about 18 months ago when suddenly many new places popped-up. Some are part of chains, but if you do food well there is nothing wrong with that! So in the limbo of Christmas, we visited the latest addition to the now thriving Greenwich highstreet – Grind.

Greenwich Grind

From the outside, the place looks like many other trendy London coffee shops, but on the inside, it keeps on giving. They describe themselves as an “all-day restaurant and café-bar” and the place definitely highlights that. Greenwich Grind is huge, with a coffee area at the front, a proper dark and moody bar and a big dining room in the conservatory.

Greenwich Grind  neon sign

This is not Grind’s first location, they have other venues from the trendy Exmouth Market to the super central Covent Garden, but if you are good at what you are doing why keeping the winning recipe to yourself? After all, sharing is caring! And lucky for us South East Londoners Grind very much wants to share the goodness.

Greenwich Grind marble table

We took a seat at one of the very Instagrammable marble tables in the conservatory, and felt right at home surrounded by all the Millennial pink details (any other 80s babies out there?).

We didn’t waste any time to order coffee. A flat white for Mr Imaginarium.

Greenwich Grind flat white

And a black coffee for yours truly.

Greenwich Grind black coffee

Having walked across Greenwich park to get there, we were starving and decided to indulge in two generous brunch dishes.

Andrew ordered the gigantic breakfast burrito. It was really good (I stole some), the scrambled eggs were perfectly fluffy and it was more than enough for a big guy like Andrew.

Greenwich Grind breakfast burrito

I chose the one-pan eggs with chorizo. It was as satisfying as it looks in the picture. Warm, flavoursome, with the right balance of spices.

Greenwich Grind one-pan eggs

I mean… Look at that!

Greenwich Grind one-pan eggs

We passed on the brunch cocktails this time as we were still in the post-Christmas drinks coma, but we are looking forward to coming back for a mid-week date night in Greenwich. Apparently Grind does coffee cocktails and I am very partial to a good Espresso Martini!

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