L’Oculto Restaurant – London

Today’s place is a special one. We moved to Lewisham almost 3 years ago and it didn’t take us long to find L’Oculto Tapas Bar. It very quickly became one of our favourite places in the Borough, if not the whole of London! Each time we visited, I was so busy enjoying the wine and the small plates that I never took the time to document our meal and share it on here.

In all honesty, I think a part of me wanted to keep this place to myself. It isn’t big and gets fully booked pretty quickly, so I kept it secret. However, I am finally given the perfect opportunity to let you know about L’Oculto because they expanded and just opened a second bigger location!

After all, great small businesses deserve a shout out and with L’Oculto Restaurant now opened I probably won’t have to fight with any of you to get a table.

L'Oculto restaurant London

L’Oculto Restaurant is slightly different than its older sister L’Oculto Tapas Bar. Here the servings are bigger, perfect to share, but the atmosphere and the ethos of both venues are very much the same. L’Oculto mission is to showcase the great flavours of Spanish food and help their customers discover new wines. And trust me, they are doing a bloody good job at it!

So on a snowy night, we brought a couple of our friends to the soft launch and we were in for a treat!

Our first task was to select a wine from the extensive list!

L'Oculto wine list

We, of course, shared a bottle of delicious red wine – Petit Forlong. The staff decanted it in a carafe which made us feel much fancier than we are. It was velvety and warming, perfect for a winter night!

L'Oculto wine decanter

Between the 4 of us, we ordered a total of 6 plates which was sufficient.

We started with the cured tuna; a real surprise I have to say! At first glance, it looks like bresaola and at first bite, it tastes very meaty, almost dry ham-like. Yet after a few seconds, the fish flavours reveal themselves. One of those dishes that doesn’t taste like what it looks.

L'Oculto cured tuna

We then got the mixed board with a side of sourdough bread. You can never go wrong with cheese, charcuterie and bread!

L'Oculto mixed cheese and charcuterie board
L'Oculto sourdough bread

This was followed by a very traditional (and delicious) tortilla. When in Rome…

L'Oculto tortilla

Then came the tasty squid with rice and ink sauce. It was divine!

L'Oculto squid ink sauce and rice

We shared the octopus which again didn’t disappoint! Served with potato cream, it was the perfect winter seafood dish.

L'Oculto octopus and potato cream

We ended our meal with the beef cannelloni. I am repeating myself at this point, but yes, it was really really good.

L'Oculto beef canelon

And it didn’t last long!

L'Oculto beef canelon

One of our friends decided to have dessert and picked the chocolate cream which she very much enjoyed. We kept her company with a couple of glasses of dessert wine. Andrew thinks his was the best, I really think mine was, that is married life for you!

L'Oculto dessert wines

A blissful night spent at a great local with good company, there is nothing I like more. I am so glad L’Oculto opened this new venue. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part of it all – I can walk home from there!

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