28-50 Wine Workshop – London

As a blogger, there are two things I need to think of when writing – the people and the machine. What are you guys interested in? What do you want to know? What should I share with you? But also, what do I need to feed the SEO algorithm beast? What is my word count? What are my targeted keywords?

To be completely honest it can be exhausting and at times it feels artificial and forced, mostly when all I want to tell you is “this place is cool, you should check it out!” which is exactly what 28-50 Wine Workshop is!

28-50 Wine Workshop - London

I want this blog to be a conversation between like-minded people. Like two friends catching up on a trip or a meal they had, and advise each other on where to go or what to order. So how about we do just that, around a glass of red wine in a lovely wine bar hidden away from the crowds in Marylebone?

For those of you less familiar with the neighbourhood, Marylebone is “oh-so London” area just north of Oxford Street. So head there and just off the busy Wigmore Street you will find 28-50 Wine Workshop. If you didn’t know it was there you probably wouldn’t find it.

28-50 Wine Workshop - London

You enter the place and suddenly the traffic noise is muted. Greeted by a French Maitre d’hotel and surrounded by wine cases, finally, you can relax and breath.

28-50 Wine Workshop wine list is extensive and, on the rainy cold evening we went there, Andrew and I decided to pick two very different red wines and share. They have over 30 options to choose from, available by the glass, carafe or bottle.

28-50 Wine Workshop menu

We had a very earthy and bold Merlot blend and a crisp and smooth Pinot Noir. Both extremely different, both delicious.

28-50 Wine Workshop - London

We enjoyed the atmosphere, shared a good conversation and drank our wine while the streets of central London got quieter and the rain puddles bigger. It was the perfect aperitif drink we needed before heading to Hoppers for dinner.

28-50 Wine Workshop also serves food so you could easily make it into an outing on its own. Their sharing boards are great and they have mains which change with the seasons.

28-50 Wine Workshop - London

That is what I want blogging to be more about, sharing my tips with you while sipping on good wine. Now if you head to 28-50 Wine Workshop, chances are I will be the French brunette sitting at a table at the back.

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