Lavender sky

When red and blue mix for a beautiful sunset in Santorini.

Santorini – 2016



Grotta Palazzese

Dinner with (one hell of) a view.

Polignano A Mare – 2016

Grotta Palazzese sunset Polignano A Mare

Sunset in Mykonos

In photography, the golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. 

Source: Wikipedia

Let me tell you, the golden hour in Mykonos is one of the best photo ops you will ever get!

Mykonos old port sunset

During the day, the town is crisp white and cold blue, at sunset the whites turn into blushes and the blues into soft lavenders shades.

Little Venice Mykonos sunsetParaportiani Church sunset MykonosFishermen Mykonos sunset

Mykonos Town literally turns gold.

Windmill sunset Mykonos

Walk around the town while trying to avoid the crowds of tourists (they have heard of the golden hour in Mykonos too!)

Mykonos sunset

Take as many pictures as you possibly can.

Terrace in Mykonos

Find a spot on a terrace, order a glass of wine and let planet Earth do its thing.

Terrace in Mykonos

The sun hitting the sea is such a beautiful sight that you may hear some emotional gasping and applause.

Sea Satin Market restaurant sunset MykonosMykonos sunset

Don’t head to bed yet though!

Mykonos by night

Head back into town to witness the town last change of shade to a beautiful and deep indigo!

Mykonos street by nightAgios Nikolaos by night MykonosMykonos street by night

Sunset pool

I hope your weekend will be as relaxing as this view!

Santorini – 2016

Plunge pool Santorini Caldera

Santorini sailing sunset

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Santorini.

As far as sunset photography goes, the composition doesn’t get much better than that.

Santorini – 2016

Santorini sunset

Cheers to the weekend!

See you tomorrow for more pictures and Sunday for a new travel post! This weekend I’m taking you to a new greek island, hope you’re ready!

Santorini – 2016

Santo Wines sunset Santorini

Sunset in Brazil jungle

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Brazil.

That moment when you ask the guide to stop so you can capture the beautiful Brazilian golden hour.

Brazil – 2013


Gold waves

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Puglia, where the sea transforms into melted gold.

Baia Verde (Puglia) – 2016

Italy Puglia Baia Verde sunset

Sunset in Tenuta Yala

Golden hour on the vineyard in Tenuta Yala.

Puglia – 2016

Puglia Tenuta Yala agriturismo sunset

Plunge pool sunset

Floating with a view.

Santorini – 2016

Santorini Grace Hotel plunge pool sunset