How to stay focused on your goals?

Grap a cup of coffee, or tea, or a glass of wine even, and let’s have a chat! Today I want to talk about yearly goals for 2018 and how to stay focus on them throughout the year.

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We are still fairly early in 2018 and like most people you probably have a list of things you would like to achieve this year. Yet each year, months go by and the last thing you know it is Christmas! So how can you stay on top of your yearly goals and make sure you achieve them (or at least give it a good try)?

This year, for the first time, I have to learn it to do it all myself. Why? Well because I made a big career change which means I will be, at least for now, only accountable to myself. No more colleagues I need provide things with, no more deadlines from my manager or corporate annual review. I start this year being my own boss, which means I HAVE to deliver things to and for myself.

And if there is one thing you need to know about me is that I can be an EXCELLENT procrastinator if given the opportunity! This comes with its pros – I am a very fast and efficient worker. And its cons – without pressure from someone I can stagnate for a while…

Not being used to be accountable only to myself, I had to make a few adjustments and create a strategy that would help me stay on track and away from trashy afternoon TV. I also thought that some of you may find it useful, so here we go!

List your goals

A first exercise I have done is to actually list my goals! Trust me there is a big difference between telling yourself ‘This year I am getting fit’ and actually writing it down on a task list. Listing goals make them more real and you will suddenly itch to scratch them off the list.

In my case, I decided to have at least three goals in the following categories: Professional, Health and Personal. I think these cover most aspect of life and are broad enough that anyone can use them! After all, a health goal could be ‘being fit’, ‘have a healthy pregnancy’ or ‘stop smoking’.

Document your goals

Now that you have a list, make sure to actually document your goals in details and in a more formal format. That is where a good old Excel spreadsheet is coming handy!

I created three categories (Professional, Health and Personal) and under each category, I documented my 2018 goals and the quarterly objectives associated with them. It is a simple, structured and detailed format which will help you stay on track.

2018 goals Excel

Track your goals

Talking about staying on track, a great way to be accountable is by tracking progress. Not only will this help you achieve your goals, it will also be a great document to check on the days you feel down, just to see how much you have already achieved!

I created a second tab in my Excel document where, for each yearly goal, I set a monthly target. I will track them using colour coding – green is for ‘High five girl! You’ve made it (or almost)’, amber is for ‘At least you have tried and now you have some useful lessons learned’, red is for ‘Dudess, you can seriously do better and I know it because you have done it before’.

Oh yes, I forgot to say that inner voice language is highly encouraged! This is a document by and for you.

Share your goals

One thing I found very useful late last year when making a significant career change was to talk about it. All that time I had those ideas in my head but never shared them with anyone. I changed that and suddenly people would ask me about my goals and if things were progressing. This is a great way to find motivation and avoid procrastinating just so you don’t have to admit that you did nothing at the next brunch/ drinks/ gathering.

So being true to my word and practising what I am preaching, below are my 2018 goals. I am sharing them with you to stay motivated and hopefully be able to update you now and then with progress!


  • To become a freelance communications specialist and digital content creator, and hopefully create my own business to have more time to focus on other passions
  • To develop a strong network of entrepreneurs, communications and digital  professionals
  • To grow my blog so it becomes a trustworthy source for travel, interior and beauty


  • To meditate once a day
  • To workout three times a week
  • To take better care of my body


  • To fully lose my French accent in English
  • To give more back to the community by helping charities
  • To make more time for my family and friends

And you? What are your goals for 2018? How are you making sure to stay focused on them throughout the year?

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2017 highlights

That is it folks! 2017 is ending tonight, some of you may even already be in 2018!

What a year it was! I travelled to Japan, France, Portugal and wandered around England. I worked more on the house which is starting to look more and more like a Pinterest worthy place and less and less like a pit. I have also finally been brave enough and made a significant job decision which should make 2018 as refreshing and exciting as scary. In summary, I have been busy!

I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for me and own my career and my life a little more, but before we say our final goodbye to 2017, I wanted to take seven minutes to look back on 2017.

I hope you will like that little highlight video! Not sure how you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I find it a bit overrated, to be honest, and instead of celebrating in my pyjamas while sipping on champagne in front of the TV, I have now to put my fancy dress costume on. Indeed, we will be saying goodbye to 2017 in full nineties attire, and Andrew and I are going as “Groundhog Day”, yep you read that right! Hellooo curly hair!

Now go and put on your smart outfit/ fancy dress costume/ pyjamas and celebrate one last time 2017!

See you next year beautiful people!



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Where to next? Travelling plans for 2018

We kept ourselves busy in 2017 with some big trips and some smaller escapes!

We took the trip of a lifetime to Japan in the Spring! It was everything we expected it to be and more! So much so, that I still have content to share 8 months after!

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

In the Autumn, we headed south of Europe, to Portugal for a week, to explore the beautiful Lisbon and its surroundings. A wonderful sunny escape which I have yet to share with you. (I am going to be one busy writing bee in 2018!)

Tramways in Lisbon

Finally, we took the time to explore a bit more of England with two fantastic escapes, one to the Jurassic Coast and one to the Cotswolds.

West Bay beach on the Jurassic Coast
Cotswolds countryside

For 2018, I have already three destinations on the list: Mexico, Iceland and Sweden. We will also be planning a couple of weekends away in England as we always do. And this list doesn’t include all my trips to France to see my family and friends, neither does it include a potential trip to Ireland for a wedding. Some exciting times ahead!

Tulum – Source
Iceland – Source
Stockholm archipelago
Stockholm – Source

What about you guys? Where are you off to in 2018?

Also please drop me a note if you have recommendations for Mexico (we will probably just go to Tulum on this trip), Iceland or Stockholm!

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Merry Christmas 2017!

The year draws to an end and the festive period is upon us! Now is a time for celebration  with our close ones. Not all of you celebrate Christmas, but I assume a lot of you will take this time to rest, eat a bit too much, reflect on the year 2017 and start thinking of 2018 (and that diet most of us will attempt to start then give up on the 3rd of January).

I am writing this post next to my beautiful lighten up Christmas tree and my very content cat snoozing away, thinking of the year that has past. 2017 was a blogging revelation year for me, I took it more seriously, spent a lot of time doing it, and it has paid off. It shows that when you really like something it doesn’t feel like work at all. I am very thankful for all of you who are reading this post right now. You have no idea how much confidence and joy your brought into my life!

I am heading shortly to Paris to spend some time with my family. Paris is always a good idea as they say, and what a great place to end 2017! Maybe a ‘French Christmas’ post will be in order at some point?

I am excited for 2018! It will definitely be the year of big changes for me (and no, I am not talking about babies). I am fifty percent scared and fifty percent excited. But before starting all the planning, I am now going to logged out, grab a glass of wine, maybe a bit of foie gras (don’t judge I am French!), and I will see you all very soon!

I wish you and your family a very happy festive period! Bring on 2018!


Claire xxx

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