An autumnal day in Bath – UK

That’s it folks, the nights are getting longer, the days are getting colder and the trees are turning redder – autumn is here!

Which means that it is time to book a nice autumnal getaway, and if you are in England, I just know the place!

On a cold autumnal weekend, Andrew and I decided to head to the beautiful Bath for a little bit of exploring. It is a three-hour drive from London so it worth planning to leave a little early if you want to make the most of your Friday evening, and beat the traffic. The train is also a great way to get there as it is only 90 minutes and leave from Paddington Station.

Road to Bath

At the time, I had never been to Bath and I was expecting it to be the ultimate charming and elegant British destination – and it was!

Bath city centre

Bath is a city out of a Jane Austen book! There is even a Jane Austen Museum if you are a fan. We didn’t venture in though, we kept our visit outdoor as it was a crisp but very sunny day.

Jane Austen museum in BathBath city centre

We bundled up as it was fairly cold and started our visit in the city centre at the Abbey, which definitely worth a peek inside.

Bath on a cold day

We had a little wander around the Roman Baths, and then headed to Pulteney Bridge to have a look at the famous Pulteney Weir.

Pulteney Weir in Bath

The golden light of the Autumn combined with the beautiful Georgian architecture and the red foliage made Bath breathtakingly beautiful!


Having worked an appetite we headed to The Bath Bun, a charming little tea shop which serves simple sandwiches and warming beverages.

After our lunch and in major need of walking off the giant baps we ate, we headed for a walk along the River Avon. It is a great way to get off the beaten track and to take a moment to appreciate the warming sun on a bench and people watch, of course.

River Avon in BathRiver Avon in BathBath

After a fair amount of walking we headed to the world famous Royal Crescent. It features in most Jane Austen movies so you will definitely have a sense of déjà vu when walking along the grand Georgian houses.

Royal Crescent BathRoyal Crescent Bath

We took a moment to get some cheesy snaps.


If you are an afternoon tea person I also highly recommend booking a table at the Royal Crescent Hotel for a sweet and savory afternoon treat! It is on the expensive side but well worth it!

Finally, we headed back into the city via the Circus roundabout and got lost a little longer in the cobbled streets of Bath until we had walked enough to justify a filling dinner!

The Circus Bath

Where to stay in Bath?

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All the credit for this picture goes to my husband. I am the one in the background showering the elephant on the right with love. I had to share it though as it is too good!

Thailand – 2014


Almost walking

I spent my Sunday playing with the leaves like this little guy.

Bath -2011


Golden season

That’s it folks! Transition to autumn wardrobe, colours and temperature completed! Now grab a pair of boots, a chunky jumper and go for a walk in the golden, yet crisp, sun.

Bath – 2011


Sweater season

Back from warm Italy to chilly England!

The thermal shock was a little hard on Saturday at 11:37pm when landing in London. We had lovely weather in Italy so the Autumnal temperatures took us a little bit by surprise. Like these little pigeons warming in the sun, I could do with a warm cuppa under my duvet right now.

Look at me being all British talking about the weather. 🙂

Bath – 2011


Majestic Fall

Nothing like a stroll in Bath in Autumn. Every street’s corner is beautiful there.

Bath – 2011



That’s it, autumn is well and fully back in London! It has it’s pros and cons. Rain, miserable commuters on the train but also pumpkin spice lattes and chunky jumpers!

Bath – 2011


Clean me

That’s pretty much my plan this weekend… Clean the house and paint some walls.

What about you? Anything exciting?

Bath – 2011


Later summer

That’s it folks! Summer 2016 – it’s a wrap!

Not going to lie, you haven’t been the greatest weather-wise (faaaaaar from it in England) but you’ve been pretty relaxing.

Now let’s get ready for changes of colours and crisp walks in the outdoor. Autumn 2016, I am ready for you!

Bath – 2011



Is it just me or do you also suddenly crave for autumn in the middle of summer? This morning, all I wanted was a Pumking Spice Latte, a chunky jumper and for the trees to turn gold and copper.

Maybe I am just weird…

Bath – 2011