108 wishes

In Wat Pho you will see the 108 wishes coin pots. Each coin equals to a wish. Now what are the 108 things I am wishing for?

Bangkok – 2014



You shall not pass!

I can see how these statues are supposed to intimidate opponents.

Bangkok – 2014



I wonder what the guard thinks.

Bangkok – 2014


Thai boxing

Love the vintage looking boxing posters you find across Thailand.

Chiang Mai – 2014


Prayer time

It may be one of the biggest mosque in the world but it is surprisingly quiet. Full of tourists and worshippers yet very calm.

Abu Dhabi – 2014


Sunset on the Bosphorus

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Istanbul.

This is also one of photographs I am the most proud of, definitely in the top 10 of the best pictures I have ever taken (so far!).

Istanbul – 2015


Funny face

Not sure if this is a little dog or dragon, but that’s definitely how I looked when my alarm went off this morning.

Bangkok – 2014


Father and daughter

I love it when I am able to capture a precious moment between people. This little girl was imitating her dad, following each of his movements. I loved how her admiration and respect showed through everything she was doing. One well behave little girl!

Bangkok – 2014


School run

My 14-years-old-self is slightly jealous of those Thai students whose commute to school involves walking on a beautiful beach and drinking coconut water.

Phuket – 2014


Enjoying the view

Bangkok is an acquired taste for some, but I really loved it!

It is loud, it has a distinct smell, but it is so vibrant and alive it can be intoxicating!

Bangkok – 2014