En route to Ihla Grande

The view of the Brazilian cost when heading to Ihla Grande.

Brazil – 2013

Brazil Ihla Grande boat trip

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Little yellow boat

The taxis of Ihla Grande.

Ihla Grande – 2013

Yellow boat Ihla Grande Brazil

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Wedding car

It’s almost the end of wedding season! One last ride!

Brazil – 2013

VW Beattle wedding car

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Beach time

Brazil really has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Also it’s so big you’ll always find space for your towel!

Brazil – 2013

Brazil white sand beach

Sunset in Brazil jungle

Today’s Thursday-Sunset is brought to you by Brazil.

That moment when you ask the guide to stop so you can capture the beautiful Brazilian golden hour.

Brazil – 2013


Copacabana yellow sand

The sand of Copacabana seems to change colour through the day.

Rio de Janeiro – 2013


Brazilian fisherman

A fisherman fixing his nets. What you don’t see is the rush hour on Copacabana just behind me.

Rio de Janeiro – 2013


At the top of the mountain

An unusual view of the Christ Redeemer from Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden.

Rio de Janeiro – 2013