Colours of Japan

I love the colours of Japan! Most shrines, taxis and other national amenities and services use primaries (red, blue and yellow) and secondaries (green, orange and purple) only.

Kyoto – 2017

Yasaka Shrine and taxis in Kyoto

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Colourful tree

I love how trees in Thailand were colourful scarves.

Bangkok – 2014


Spicy life

I am French so my tolerance for spices is close to zero. I like the look of them though!

Istanbul – 2015


Colourful boats

Being French I really love how the long boats in Thailand seem to be wearing colourful little scarves.

Koh Phi Phi – 2014


Transport for Bangkok

Forget about buses and subways, I want my commute to be as colourful as those tuk tuks!

Bangkok -2014


Night traffic

Just your regular midnight traffic in Bangkok.

Bangkok – 2014