Gold details

The level of details in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is mind blowing. The whole building has been designed like a jewel.

Abu Dhabi – 2014




I love the effect these beautifully manicured bonsai create. It is a very serene sight.

In the process of decorating the house, I became a big fan of plants. They give more character to a room, making it feel more fresh and alive. However, there is one little issue here… I am a serial plant killer. No matter what I do, they die!

Bangkok – 2014


Room Inspiration – Dining Room

Our dining room isn’t really a room but a dining space as our living area is all open plan.

For this area I wanted to create something contemporary and fresh with a rustic twist. Below is a picture of the space I am re-designing (apology for the low quality, it came from the estate agent). As you can see it was previously fairly well decorated so no need to repaint, but the furniture just isn’t my style. I am not big on warm colours (especially orange) and the whole look was a little too seventies/plastic for me.


I new from the start that I wanted modern miss-match chairs and a rustic solid wood table. I used the below pictures as inspiration for my ‘modern-rustic’ dining room and I cannot wait to show you how it turned up, very soon!


See how my new dining room turned up here!

Room Inspiration – Guest bedroom

Something a little different today.

As I mentioned a while back, another of my hobbies, apart from travelling, is interior decoration, which is fairly convenient as we bought a house back in April that I have been busy decorating. I am finally at the stage where some of the rooms are almost complete!

I am excited to share this part of my little world with you as this is something I REALLY enjoyed doing!

So here we go, the first room inspiration I am sharing today is for the guest bedroom. I wanted to have a very neutral canvas with a contemporary feel so the colours can change through accessorise rather than permanent features such as accent walls or patterned curtains.

So first thing, first, here is a picture of the actual space I am working with. A small double bedroom with en-suite (the real-estate agent picture make it look a lot bigger than it really is). When we bought the house the walls were very pale baby-blue and the furniture just neutral and plain, also these netting curtains…


And below is the mood-board I created using that good old Pinterest.


Want to see how it all turned up? Pictures of the redesigned room are here!

Something different

So apart from travelling I have been kept busy with another little project…

I have recently bought a house in London with my husband and I am in the process of decorating it. I am therefore considering sharing some interior design updates on this blog. I know my main focus so far has been travelling but interior decoration is another passion of mine which I would love to share with you!

Let me know what you think!

Claire xxx