Home office – Reveal

A while back I showed you my inspiration for our home office. I was aiming to share with you the reveal a few weeks later but we had major delivery delays with our new desk. The reality of decorating a house!

The process was long, I finished painting the walls in 2016 it then was used as a storage room for the whole of 2017. It was also a bit painful – thanks delivery man for all the delays… Things finally sped up earlier this year as I changed job and I am now working from home, so I needed a workspace which was neither our sofa or dining table. Finally, we got there!

The room is small, it is technically a single bedroom, but having no children or a big dog to worry about, we immediately decided to turn it into a study. I wanted to go bold for this space knowing that being a small room I could easily repaint the walls if I wasn’t happy with the result!

I went for navy blue walls which I had dreamt of for years, I picked Midnight Navy by Crown Paint. To keep the room bright and airy I selected mainly white furniture with accents of wood and grey to avoid making it look too bi-colour.

Navy home office

When you enter the study, the first thing you will see is our desk. We opted for a small white desk to pop against the navy walls and went for this little number from Habitat. I like the details of the legs making it warmer and lighter in the small dark space. You will also notice that I kept the window wall white to extend the brightening effect of the window across the entire wall. This really helps make the room feel spacious and bright.

Home office Habitat desk and Ikea chair

The desk chair is a grey Tobias Ikea chair which moved with us from our previous place. I like how the grey breaks the navy and white theme. I styled it with a sheepskin from Ikea to make it a comfortable seat for a few hours.

Home office Habitat desk

The desk is quite narrow so I only keep the essentials on there. A clutter free desk is also a nice break after months of cumulation of ‘stuff’ in this room.

London tube map wedding seating plan

On the right of the desk, we hanged what looks like a London Tube map but what was actually our wedding seating plan. I did it myself, it took me hours but it was a great way to bring London to France on the day.

Home office Oliver Bonas lamp

The copper and marble desk lamp is from Oliver Bonas. I like how the grey shade matches the chair and some storage boxes we have in this room (keep scrolling!). I got the bamboo pen pot on Amazon.

Muji Vanilla candle

On the left of the desk, I have a Muji Vanilla candle. It is a strong one and works even when off!

Home office Paperchase and Ikea gallery wall

Above the desk, I created an inspirational gallery wall made with funny postcards from Paperchase and simple white Ikea frames. I do stare at it a lot and I am still entertained looking at it (I am sad like that).

Ikea Billy bookcases

Moving to the other side of the room, Andrew and I being fairly big readers we created a bookshelves wall, which is very much used as you can see! I am conscious that it is a bit of a mess at the moment but we only finished the room 2 weeks ago so I styled the shelves without much attention.

These Ikea Billy bookcases are becoming a memories shrine. On there you will find some of the oldest trinkets Andrew and I have cumulated over the years. To avoid boring you to death I made a little selection of things which are worth noting.

Home office decoration

My graduation hat which is a canotier (how very French!), my first ever teddy bear and pictures of our parents’ weddings.

Ikea Billy bookshelves

My first ever pair of shoes!

Grandparents wedding pictures

Our grandparents’ wedding pictures which were framed for our own wedding and which we kept.

Navy home office decoration

On top of the lower bookshelf, I have some more trinkets, an aloe vera plant in a TK Maxx planter and a painting from my very talented grandmother.

Now for the fairly boring (but necessary!) stuff, in this room we also have…

Ikea office storage

…An Ikea storage unit for all our admin papers next to the shelves.

Cat flap

Buffer’s catflap decorated with a patchwork of doormats we cumulated over the years (keeping it real!).

To bring more warmth and texture to the space I looked for an ‘organic’ lampshade and this rattan one from Homebase (old collection) does the job perfectly!

Rattan ceiling lamp shade

Finally, this is the view from the other side of the home office, by the door is a Hol Ikea box which is used as our laundry basket. Above the door is a storage unit we got fitted which is home to our Christmas decorations and some luggage, fascinating right?

Navy home office

I hope you like the final result! A small space which is stylish and functional!

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How to incorporate metals into your home without overdoing it?

Brass, copper, nickel – some may call them fads, some may think they are here to stay. No matter what, metals have been invading our houses big time for the past 4 years. The challenge with incorporating metals into homes is that one can easily overdo it. I have seen many copper-everything kitchens or brass-everywhere bathrooms. It can look good but it can also look too much very quickly.

My approach to interior design is like a French diet: everything is good for you in moderation. I love a bit of copper and brass, but I am always asking myself “will I still like it in 10 years?” before falling for every and any interior trend.

If in doubt, less is always more

You don’t have to go crazy to make an impact when it comes to metals. In the picture below, you will see that I opted for copper lampshades which really pop against the black wall and furniture. True story: I originally thought I would change the drawers’ knobs to copper ones but I quickly realised that it would just be a little tacky. Instead, I opted to bring another touch of copper with a picture frame you can see toward the back of the chest of drawer. The warmth of my grandmother’s painting and the bench are enough to tie it all in together nicely!

Copper and black hallway
A bit of copper in the hallway

Pick very subtle details

Clever interior design is all about the details. Everybody can buy a big designer sofa or an Ikea table, but there is a fine line between ending up with something everybody else has and something a bit different. When it comes to decorating my house, nothing has been innocently picked or styled, every detail has been considered and thought through before being purchased (call me crazy but I just can’t help it!).

For our living-room, I wanted to incorporate new textures with something less commonly used like concrete. I also wanted some touches of metal without making it a statement like in our hallway. I, therefore, searched for something unexpected and interesting to look at. This is exactly what this Oliver Bonas table lamp is, first you see a grey lamp, then you notice that it is made of concrete and finished with brass. A modern and simple design with the latest trends in mind.

Living room black bookshelves
Brass detail on a table lamp

Our living space is fully open-plan so the kitchen, living-room and dining room are merged together. With touches of brass and copper already present in the living-room, I thought it would be good to tie-in the kitchen with some copper too. To avoid making this connection obvious or too matchy-matchy we kept it very subtle with this minimal copper clock from Karlsson.

Karlsson minimal copper clock
Thin copper clock frame

Mix the metals

Now, this is a scary one, but it can really pay off when done nicely. Mixing metals in interior design is a brave move but it will make your space so much more interesting! Start small, like I have done in my hallway. I have brushed copper lamp shades so I added this Paperchase polished copper picture frame (old collection but similar here) for the chest of drawers and next to it I placed a brass H&M trivet (old collection too, similar here).

Copper picture frame and brass candle
Brass and copper mixed with small home accessories

Match the tones, not the materials

I think sometimes people get too caught up into matching materials with materials, such as brass with brass, instead of thinking of the colour palette. An advice I have is to look at your space and its colour palette. Brass, for instance, is yellow and brown toned. Shades of copper can go from orange, pink to maroon. Silver, chrome and steel are greys whereas nickel is more of a greige colour. Does it make sense?

I followed this principle in my house, for instance, the colour of the copper lamp below matches the tan leather Moroccan pouffe next to it.

Copper lamp and Moroccan pouffe
Leather and copper colour match in the living room

And these side tables from Oliver Bonas (old, similar here) have a slightly deeper shade of copper which goes well with the walnut details of this Ikea armchair.

Mid-centry modern reading corner
Wood and copper colour match

Pick a brushed finish

If you really love metals and want to incorporate a bit more of them into your house without overdoing it opt for brushed metals. The matte finish makes it more subtle and easier to implement, mostly with copper when polished can have a bit of an overwhelming orange mirror effect. You will notice that it is a rule I followed a lot in my house as most items I have picked have a brushed finish.

Embrace it in small spaces

Sometimes it is good to throw all rules and principles out the window when it comes to interior. So if you need to get metals out of your system and have a small space you can have fun with, go for it!

You will see below that for our powder room I went for brass-everything and I love it! It is a small space which helped limit the ‘damage’ while still having fun with frames, accessories and wall art.

Brass and teal guest bathroom
Brass and teal guest bathroom

I hope this post helps you embrace metals without turning your home into a disco ball!

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How to incorporate metals into your home without overdoing it?

Room inspiration – Staircase

Andrew and I are not born DIYers, far from it. I can paint walls, he can drill holes in them, but that is pretty much it. With our house, most of the work we have done so far has been pretty easy. Being a new build everything has been purely cosmetic and decorative. Until this Spring!

Indeed we have decided to give our staircase a full makeover. At the moment it is covered with a high-pile beige carpet which 1) is ugly and badly fitted and 2) is a dust and dirt trap. Carpeted staircases seem to be a very British thing and are a lot less common in France – so I was never a fan anyway.

Our plan is to remove the carpet, sand the steps, fill any holes the stairs may have and paint them. It sounds pretty simple, but a lot can go wrong. All the carpet staples will need removing, all the gaps will need to be assessed and fixed, and what if the quality of the material used by the developer is awful and needs to be covered again?

The worst that can really happen is that we need to get someone in and recarpet the whole staircase. An expensive mistake, but this is a risk we are willing to take!

For the colours, we are going for white and Railing by Farrow and Ball, so it ties in nicely with our entry hall. I will, of course, document the whole process and share it with you if it doesn’t completely fail. I may even make a video! Would you like that?

In the meantime, I thought I would share my Pinterest inspiration to get our staircase from dusty and crappy to sleek and sexy!

Wish us luck!

Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: Maison de Pax and great DIY guide!
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: Remodelaholic
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: House & Garden
Black and white staircase inspiration
Source: The Ugly Duckling House

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Styling a sideboard

When going through the process of planning and decorating a space I usually keep the following four aspects in mind: the flow of the room, the proportion of the furniture in the space, the alignment of the decorative items and the aesthetic – what colours, textures, etc.

I would divide the process of styling a space as follow:

Step 1 – Proportion and usage

  • Can the furniture do/store what I need?
  • Are the pieces of furniture the right size for this space?
  • Does anything look too small or, worse, too big?

Step 2 – Aesthetic

  • What colours and textures do I like and want in the space?
  • How many decorative items do I need to source?
  • What is the main art piece I want to feature in that space?

Step 3 – Flow

  • Is the furniture in the most suitable place?
  • Does the room feel open and easily navigable?
  • Does everything feel cohesive?

Step 4 – Alignment

  • Is all the wall art aligned properly? Not too high? Not too low?
  • Are the decorative items placed so everything feels balanced and not too symmetrical?

I very often visit a space and the furniture is just too big or too dark or the sofa has been angled so it completely closes the room and makes it feel smaller. I think a lot of people consider each item individually – “Oh, I like that sofa!”, “That poster is pretty cool”, “I really need a bookshelf” – not thinking of the bigger picture.

So today I thought I would use the example of a sideboard to explain how I think of all four aspects when styling a space. This is a fairly contained area but I use the same principles for all scale projects, big or small!

Ikea sideboard and vintage maps in living-room

We needed some space to store some of our serving plates, glasses, and tableware in our open plan living-room. A sideboard was the obvious choice and I knew I wanted something contemporary, light and functional.

Our space is big, but the ceilings in that section of the room are low. We needed a sideboard that was long enough to fit everything and be noticeable, yet low enough that it wouldn’t make the ceiling height seem even lower. I also wanted a sideboard with narrow legs to bring some lightness and stay away from anything looking too chunky. So we opted for this now-discontinued Ikea sideboard (similar Ikea sideboard) which is big enough to store most things, low enough and budget-friendly!

Proportion and usage – Check!

As I mentioned above, I wanted to create a contemporary and light space, and I knew I wanted a ‘Scandinavian meet mid-century modern’ vibe. With that in mind, I went for an oak sideboard to bring in the Scandinavian warmth. I also wanted to hang a vintage France map I already owned, and this item dictated the colours for this space.

Conran for M&S table lamp on Ikea sideboard

To bring the mid-century modern vibe I found this Conran for M&S lamp (old collection) which matched the colour palette of the map.

The size of the sideboard, the lamp and the map were my creative guides which dictated what other items I needed to source. I looked for a vintage UK map to mirror the France one. It created a symbolic interior moment for us, as I am French and Andrew is British. I also looked for small trinkets to dress the sideboard.

Debenhams white stag head

Sometimes in the process, an item will find you though. This was the case with the white stag head (similar). I was not looking for it, it found me, at Debenhams in Westfield London to be precise. I saw it, I needed it, I bought it, and it couldn’t fit better into that space. Plus, there are deer in the Nordic countries right? So it was perfect for my Scandinavian vibe!

Aesthetic – Check!

Ikea sideboard and vintage maps in living-room

The flow part of the design process was pretty straightforward as the sideboard is against one of our walls in the living-room behind our sofa, and therefore completely out of the way. I still made sure that the sofa was placed so we have enough space to open the doors and easily access the shelves.

Flow  – Check!

Now for the final step, the alignment! If there is one thing I really dislike in interior design, it is too much symmetry. I actually avoid symmetry as much as I can, and if I have to do it, I will try to disrupt it a bit. This is exactly what I did with the sideboard. I had two posters, which are exactly the same size and style, so there was no getting away from symmetry there. I framed both maps in Ikea metallic frames, bringing more grey to the area but also a different texture. I hung them next to each other, aligned with the sideboard.

Conran for M&S table lamp on Ikea sideboard

To ‘break’ the wall art symmetry, I grouped objects in three vignettes on the sideboard. On the left, I have the Conran for M&S lamp with a beautiful ceramic vase a friend bought me and a little bowl in the colours of the maps. In the middle, there is the stag head, and on the right one of my favourite Diptyque candles and little trinkets. So two wall art pieces plus three vignettes mean no more symmetry or pair numbers there!

Diptyque Figuier candle

I also added a storage basket, found in TK Maxx, next to the sideboard, 1) to store all our cat’s stuff and 2) as I like the ‘stairs’ effect of a short and narrow item next to the long sideboard.

Alignment – Check!

Storage basket in living-room

I hope this post helps you plan and decorate your space! Keeping the big picture in mind is what creates beautiful, well-proportioned spaces!

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TV wall – Reveal

After one year and nine months, I can finally reveal our TV wall. One would think that a TV area is pretty easy to set up – TV? Check! TV stand? Check! Enough plugs for all the cables? Done!

As I mentioned in my TV wall inspiration post, I didn’t want this area of our living room to feel like an ugly after-thought, so I went down the gallery wall way to ‘camouflage’ the TV among prettier things. That is why it took so long to set up, sourcing the right wall art pieces takes time! It is all about balance, layout, orientation and numbers, but we got there!

Gallery wall and Panasonic TV

Let’s start with the main item – the TV. We went for a 50inch Panasonic TV. Even though it is big it looks a little bit ‘lighter’ thanks to the easel-like frame and the metallic colour.

The TV stand is from Ikea, and to be completely honest it was not my preferred choice, but it was the most neutral unit we could find that could fit in that space.

TV gallery wall

On the left of the TV unit, I have a tan Moroccan pouffe (or ‘pouf’ in French) which I got from Amazon. A tip if you get leather goods from Morocco, they usually stink at the beginning, so cover them with bicarbonate of soda and leave them in a plastic bag for a week. A hint of the nasty smells will still be there but it won’t stink the room.

Tan leather Moroccan pouffe

Next to it, on the TV unit, I have a copper light my parents got me for Christmas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an English website selling it but you can find this Nara table lamp on a French site that ships worldwide. Above the lamp is a beautiful print by Elisabeth Fredriksson. I mentioned it in my interior Christmas gift guide and my sister got it for me on Juniqe (thanks, sis!).

Nara copper lamp and Juniqe print

Above the TV is where the real show is happening! From left to right and from the bottom up we have:

  • A print by Amber Textiles – it looks like Buffer (yes, this is my cat’s name) and I so we bought it!
  • A print my parents got me in Japan
  • A print of ‘A bigger splash‘ by David Hockney
  • A tea towel with cats we bought in Japan and got framed – all it takes is a little bit of imagination sometimes
  • A print by Anne Garney – an artist I met when living in Kansas City (yes, I did live in Missouri for 18 months)
  • Two flyers from the Victoria and Albert Museum that I simply framed
  • An ink drawing by my brother

TV gallery wall

The frames are either from Habitat or done by David Mitchell Picture Frames in London.

Then moving to the right, the gallery wall extends across two walls. I wasn’t too sure about that at the beginning, but I have no regrets, it was necessary to balance the area nicely and it didn’t make it more difficult to plan.

Prints by HAM and by Sri Lanka artist

On that little wall section I have:

On the right of the TV stand, I have our little indoor garden with two succulents and a vase. The terrarium is from Oliver Bonas and the vase from a Debenhams old collection.

Succulents in living room and Oliver Bonas terrarium

Finally, I have piled up all my interior books at the bottom of the unit, in a desperate attempt to hide its ugly feet and the cable mess at the back. I really like the effect it created!

Interior books

So what do you think? Was my idea of surrounding our TV with pretty things a good one or does it make it stand out even more?

TV gallery wall

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Room inspiration – TV wall

This scene took place sometime in 2016…

Andrew – “We need a new TV!”

Claire – “Why? This one works perfectly well!”

Andrew – “Yes but I want a bigger one and there is that new OLED technology which…”

I stopped listening at that point. When you are married you have to pick and choose your battles, right? So we got a new BIG TV. Which means that I was left to decorate around a giant black rectangle taking centre stage in our living-room.

The thing with TVs is that often, when decorating, people treat them as an after-thought or, at the other hand of the spectrum, make it THE statement in the room. I wanted none of that. I don’t find TV to be nice to look at when they are off, so I wanted it to merge into the aesthetic of the room, while yet keeping it noticeable and enjoyable when on. The easiest way to do it for wall art hoarder like me? A gallery wall!

This gallery wall was a challenge though as our TV sits in a corner of the living-room, so not only did I have to plan around a TV but also across two walls! So before to start nailing things on the wall I looked for inspiration on my trusty Pinterest, and below are my top four sources of inspirations! All have the lightness and aesthetics I wanted to achieve. Come back very soon to see the results!

TV wall inspiration
Credits: Room for Tuesday
TV wall inspiration
Credits: A Cup of Joy
TV wall inspiration
Credits: Homey Oh My
TV wall inspiration
Credits: Homepolish

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Our wedding

Something different on the blog today, as I have never shared that type of content with you but I thought that some of you may find it useful!

On the 28th of May 2016, Andrew and I got married. It was the loveliest day full of laughter, dancing, hugging, kissing, eating and drinking. I briefly mentioned it in the past on the blog, but because I wasn’t as active at the time I never shared anything about the day with you. 2018 wedding season is upon us, and a lot of couples are making key decisions for their wedding in the Spring and Summer, so I thought I could show you how I styled my wedding to give you a little bit of inspiration!

The colours we picked were grey and pink. I wanted the day to feel like a nice summer garden party and these two colours fitted well with the theme.

Hopefully, all the information below will help you plan your very special day!

Hair and makeup

It was done by Marie Nebinger at Marc Fabian in Strasbourg. We got very lucky as she privatised the salon the entire morning for us!

Marc Fabian Strasbourg

For my hair, I went for a bohemian updo, the best way to keep my curls under control yet embrace them! I also wanted flowers in my hair. The florist create pins which Marie put into place to look like a flower crown, she also made sure to leave some space for my veil.

Wedding updo

For the makeup, I wanted to look like me but better. We kept it very simple with a subtle eye makeup, rosy lips and a bit of foundation and bronzer. And I think it turned alright.

Natual wedding make up

The dress

I knew exactly what dress I wanted, the Jenny Packham Dentelle. However this dress was just too expensive for me, so I had to look for a cheaper alternative. Luckily, after hours online, I found the perfect dupe! Martina Liana was doing a very similar dress and I was able to source it via Angelica Bridal in London.

Martina Liana wedding dress

I loved the light fabric, the natural A-line waist, the delicate lace details and the touch of sparkle with the embellished belt. It was flattering, comfortable and quite unique.

Martina Liana wedding dress

I styled it with a simple veil I bought off eBay (cheap!) and rose gold shoes from Dune.

Dune rose gold shoes

The groom’s outfit

Andrew decided to wear a white tie suit which I absolutely loved! He looked very handsome!

Groom white tie outfit

He wore it with personalised initials cuff links that I got for him on Not On The High Street.

Groom white tie outfit

We almost looked like we were out of Downton Abbey, don’t you think?

Groom and ride

The venue

Our reception took place at the Chateau d’Osthoffen, 20 minutes outside of Strasbourg. The venue is gorgeous and has a marquee which can fit up to 200 people.

Chateau d'OsthoffenChateau d'Osthoffen marquee

The grounds are also beautiful offering plenty of photo opportunities!

Chateau d'Osthoffen wedding picture

The flowers

I didn’t go completely crazy with the flowers (it’s expensive!). I selected a mixture of white and pale pink flowers and worked with Une Histoire Une Fleur who understood my countryside/rustic/garden party vibe and created the most beautiful arrangements.

My bouquet was round, not huge and a little messy which I wanted

White pink bridal bouquet

In the church, we had some small arrangements at the end of each bench.

Church bench flowers

And the table centrepieces were composed of small floral arrangements in jam jars (saving money again!).

Wedding pink and grey table flowers

Table decorations

Talking about table decorations, again I was quite decisive and knew what I wanted pretty much from the start. My aunt, who couldn’t have been more helpful, sourced some wood slices to create the base for the floral arrangements. I also picked grey tablecloths rather than white which I think made all the difference.

Grey and pink wedding table decorations

On the wood slices, we placed three small bouquets in old jam jars and a few candles.

Wedding pink and grey centre piece

The theme for the tables was London’s tube and each table was named after a line, so I created signs using the TFL logo with the colours of our wedding.

Wedding table signs

The sitting plan

As I mentioned above I decided to name each table after a London tube line. This was a nice way to bring a bit of Andrew’s city to our wedding. It took me hours to design it but I was really happy with the results!

London tube sitting plan

I used Printed.com for most of our wedding impressions.

The wedding favours

We took a controversial approach with our wedding favours, we basically had none on the tables. I just don’t really see the point of them, to be honest, most we received over the years have either been lost, broken or forgotten in a drawer (sorry friends!).

Wedding candy bar

So instead of giving our guests a favour, we had a candy bar set up where people could help themselves to whatever they’d like and I did some personalised bag so they could take the sweets with them.

Wedding candy barWedding candy bar

Sweet, good and recyclable!

The guest book

Again, with the guest book I didn’t want to do something too creative that we would never use, so we went for the good old paper guest book. The only difference was that we had a picture of each of our guests in it, and they had to find their page and sign under it, so we would know exactly who wrote what!

Wedding guest book table

Around it, I framed the wedding pictures of our parents and grandparents and we also had a Royal Mail box for cards.

Wedding guest book tableRoyal mail box wedding

The small touches

A few other things we did was a signpost with our two cities.

Wedding London Strasbourg sign post

Some paper pompoms on the ceiling of the marquee.

Wedding grey and pink paper pompoms

The car

We wanted a vintage car and opted for a Citroen Traction (very French!) which we booked with RJ Car.

Citroen TractionCitroen Traction

Our driver was lovely and helped me calm my nerves on our way to the church. He even served us a glass of champagne after the ceremony!

Bride and groom drinking champagne

The invitations

Our wedding stationery was probably one of the most difficult things to find. I disliked almost everything I could find as I wanted something simple, not boring and in keeping with our theme. We looked and looked, and when we found it there was no doubt! We both looked at each other – this was the one!

L'Art Du Papier wedding invitation

Our invites where from L’Art Du Papier in Paris. We then recycled the design to create the menu, church book, placement cards, etc.

It was a beautiful day and we had an amazing time, even when it started raining!

Rainy wedding

I really hope your big day is as special as ours!

Bride and groom laughing

All pictures were taken by the lovely Claude Masselot!

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Favourite Interior blogs

I have always had an interest in interior design, as far as I can remember, I always enjoyed looking at a space and thinking of its layout and all the pretty things that could live in it. As a child I loved going tiles/wardrobe/lamp shopping with my parents, I loved looking at shapes, touching the different textures and fantasising about what my bedroom could look like. It is also good to mention that my parents both love design and our house was always filled with ELLE Decoration and new homeware items (that’s their latest purchase which I think is pretty cool!).

In my teens, I used to spend hours drawing plans of what my future house (***cough***mansion***cough***) would look like. I also considered studying architecture, but I had other passions at the time that drove me to another direction.

Fast forward to university, and I discovered a new world of inspiration the Internet! Pinterest, interior blogs, sources of inspiration where booming and endless, and made me even more excited to get a house I could try all those new ideas in.

I started fantasising again as I entered the workplace, “one day I will able to afford a beautiful Diptyque candle for my coffee table”, “one day I will paint some walls in black“, and slowly but surely as the years went by I made those things happened. I think as I grew older I also started to develop my own interior personality and parted ways with my parents’s very contemporary tastes and aimed for something a little softer and a bit more eclectic (mid-century-modern-bohemian-Scandinavian anyone?). In the process I also became more faithful to some blogs as they really reflected what I wanted my spaces to feel and look like.

And because sharing is caring here are my top four favourite interior blogs at the moment (I say that because, who knows, in 3 years I may be really into shabby-chic?).


If you like a good house tour, this is the place to go! Lavish apartments in New York, cute trendy houses in LA, influencers’ offices – Homepolish’s magazine is your online source for interior envy.

Living room designed by Homepolish
Source: Homepolish

Homepolish is actually an interior design company which provides designers services for private clients and companies, but their magazine/blog is a fantastic source of inspiration. They also share advice to help people like us make the right interior decisions.

Kate La Vie

Kate has the most beautiful home. Originally a beauty blogger, Kate has been regularly sharing interior updates of her Glasgow apartment, and everything she picks and does is Pinterest-worthy.

Dressing table designed by Kate La Vie
Source: Kate La Vie

She also has the two most adorable fur-babies which makes her an even greater interior inspiration for cat owners like me!

Studio McGee

Not only is Shea McGee a very talented interior designer, but her career is a real inspiration. She built her company in few years and is an Instagram phenomenon. If you want home and career inspiration, look no further!

Sideboard designed by Studio McGee
Source: Studio McGee

Her company’s blog is a great source of interior tips, and make sure to visit their Youtube channel too for even more guides to make your coffee table super Instagramable!

The Socialite Family

Don’t be fooled by the English name this is actually a French blog! But even if you don’t understand French you will understand the pictures and, trust me, they are worth looking at!

Chair designed by The Socialite Family
Source: The Socialite Family

The objective of Constance Gennari, the founder of The Socialite Family, was to share the real homes of modern and trendy families living in Paris, London, Milan and many other places.

Here you go, four very different digital universes, all very inspiring! Now I will go grab a paint brush because I have a bit of decorating to do!

My second favourite blogs post on all things beauty is here!

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Room inspiration – Home office

A change in my career means that I will in the new year use our home office a lot more. At the moment it is a bit of a pit, or in nicer words, a ‘storage room’.

For this room, which is a single bedroom, I want to be bold. Small rooms do that to me! I always had something for navy blue walls and therefore thought that the office would be a good place to try it. What is the worse that can happen? I  will just have to repaint it all.

The space being compact I have to keep it simple with the furniture, I know we need bookshelves, a bit of storage and a desk area.  Limiting the furniture items means that the space will feel bigger. That also means that it can easily be turned back into a single bedroom if we ever need it.

For the style, I want to keep it simple and modern as the walls will be the statement. To create a nice contrast and bring a bit of light in the room most of the furniture will be white.

Finally, in order not to make it too bicolour with the navy and white, I will introduce pops of colours with art work and the bookshelves styling.

Below are the pictures from Pinterest I used as inspiration and, hopefully early in the new year, I will be able to give you a little tour!

Beautiful spaces make for creative ideas right? Now let’s hope that works!

Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration
Home office navy blue inspiration

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Christmas 2017 – House tour

It is time to deck the halls!

I shared with you a few weeks back my inspiration for Christmas home decoration. A mixture of traditional, rustic and Scandinavian was my objective, so I thought I would give you peak so you can see what I have done to give our home a little Christmas hygge.

I did a little Christmas house tour video and keep scrolling to find all the details of my Christmas decorations.

I concentrated most effort in our living space as it is all open plan, starting with this Christmas banner from Next above our sofa. I love the colours and the traditional touches of tartan.

Next Christmas banner

In our kitchen area, I make sure to have a seasonal floral arrangement on our island through the whole of December. I am also obsessed with the M&S Christmas candle, the scent of cinnamon, spices and mandarin is just so Christmassy. I also have a festive cookie jar on display, in case of emergency cravings.

Kitchen Christmas decoration

A tradition I discovered when moving to the UK and that I absolutely love, is the Christmas card exchange! I love the fact that all your close ones give you cards and at the same time provide another great source of Christmas decorations. I line up the cards I receive in our living-room and love the festive vibe they give to our bookshelf. I love getting my cards from Paperchase or TK Maxx, they always have a tasteful selection!

Christmas cardsChristmas cards

On our sideboard, I have our advent calendar on display. This year we recycled the Liberty advent calendar Andrew got me last year and we filled it with little sweet treats for each other!

Liberty advent calendar

I also used one of the extra fairy light garlands I have to make a light feature out of our Ikea sideboard. For Christmas lights, I always go for ‘warm white’ as it gives a soft, cosy glow to the room. I once made the mistake to get the cool white lights and felt like I was living in a nightclub or laboratory for a month. And in case you are wondering, I got that white deer head years ago from Debenhams.

Ikea sideboard warm white Christmas lights

Finally, the most important Christmas decor item, the tree!

Let’s start from the bottom, to hide our Christmas tree stand I simply wrap all the gifts I have already and gather them around the tree. I personally much prefer this to some of the stand covers you can find.

Christmas giftsChristmas gifts

I get all my gift wrapping paper from M&S and Paperchase, my favourite this year is the Paddington bear paper!

Christmas wrapping paper M&S and Paperchase

The colours for the tree this year, as in most years, are red, white and grey. I like the simplicity and think a tree should be playful and fit to be part of the family life, not a precious piece of decoration no one can touch.

Christmas tree

Most of the baubles I have are from either M&S (again, I know but they often do a 3 for 2 deal so it is hard to resist), Paperchase (yes, I love that shop) and Ikea (unbreakable decorations!). Below are a few of my favourites.

This little porcelain gnome from M&S.

M&S porcelain gnome Christmas tree decoration

These giant baubles from M&S as well.

M&S Christmas baubles

Those little fabric gingerbread men from Flying Tiger (best shop for secret Santa gifts!).

Flying Tiger gingerbread men Christmas decoration

And these villages baubles from B&Q.

B&Q Christmas bauble

My favourite moment of the day in December is when I come home and after a long day at work and commuting, I finally turn on the Christmas tree light. Deep inside, my 7-years old self is jumping with joy.

Christmas tree lights

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