En route to Ihla Grande

The view of the Brazilian cost when heading to Ihla Grande.

Brazil – 2013

Brazil Ihla Grande boat trip

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Little yellow boat

The taxis of Ihla Grande.

Ihla Grande – 2013

Yellow boat Ihla Grande Brazil

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Brazilian island

A little piece of paradise.

Ihla Grande (Brazil) – 2013


Brazilian beach

As Coldplay once said:

“And dreamed of para-para-paradise,

Ihla Grande – 2013



Lopes Mendes

Lopes Mendes in Brazil is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. The sand is so thin that it squeak under your feet (yes, squeak!). It is a 2-3 hours hike in the jungle to get there from the main village but it worth it!

Ihla Grande (Brazil) – 2013


The harbour of Ihla Grande

Today’s Sunset-Thursday is brought to you by Ihla Grande (Brazil).

Ihla Grande – 2013


God’s blue house

I have to say the blue of the walls matching the blue of the sky is pretty heavenly.

Brazil -2013