Wat Arun

Beautiful Temple of Dawn.

Bangkok – 2014



Thailand – Part 1 – Bangkok

After an eleven-hour flight from London, we landed in Bangkok at mid-day.

We headed straight to the Hilton Millennium where we were staying for the next 3 nights. It isn’t in the most charming area but the view from the bedrooms is insane and well worth it!

Hilton Millennium bedroom view Bangkok Thailand

To celebrate our first night in the land of smiles we headed to the rooftop for some cocktails (Thailand is heaven for cocktails aficionados). We then went to The Never Ending Summer, which is walking distance to the hotel, for the most delicious dinner!

Sunset Bangkok Thailand

Still euphoric to be in Thailand and completely jet lagged, our final stop that night was at Maggie Choo for some jazz and more cocktails! The place is surreal and well worth the trip if you like a little bit of partying.

Maggie Choo Bangkok Thailand

On day two of our stay in Bangkok, we headed by boat to Wat Pho.

It is good to note that boats are a very efficient way to travel to the most touristic sites in Bangkok. You avoid the dreadful Bangkok traffic, it is cheap as chips and they stop about 100 meters from all the main sites!

River Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho is just beautiful, it is a gigantic temple complex in the centre of Bangkok. The architecture is breathtaking and the Reclining Buddha is the biggest statue I have ever seen.

Wat Pho Bangkok ThailandWat Pho Bangkok ThailandWat Pho Bangkok ThailandWat Pho Bangkok ThailandWat Pho Bangkok Thailand

Get lost in the parks and people watch while sipping on A LOT of water.

Wat Pho Bangkok ThailandWat Pho Bangkok Thailand

Be aware that there is a strict dress code when visiting temples and official sites in Thailand, not too much leg or shoulder. The Thais are very organised and tourist-friendly and all sites will provide appropriate clothing if needed. It makes for very interesting outfits of the day!

Temple outfit Bangkok ThailandTemple outfit Bangkok Thailand

After wandering in the Buddhist sanctuary, we headed out to get lost in the little streets of Chinatown.

Chinatown Bangkok ThailandChinatown Bangkok Thailand

A lot of people warned me about Bangkok’s smell. I was told it was very strong and quite fishy. Well… During the 3 days we spent there, I can only remember of once where there was a very bad street smell. Yes it smells of food, yes it is very warm and humid, but no you won’t faint or gag when walking around the less touristy streets. So go ahead, don’t be scared and explore!

Giant Swing Bangkok ThailandBangkok Thailand

After checking a few landmarks off the list like the Giant Swing and some beautiful squares, we headed to Wat Arun (by boat) for another beautiful wander.

Wat Arun Bangkok ThailandWat Arun Bangkok ThailandWat Arun Bangkok Thailand

On our third and final day, we visited the Grand Palace which is grand, to say the least. Rooms after rooms of wonders, manicured gardens, everything shines and sparkles in this place. It also really highlight the importance of the Royal Family for Thais, they have so much love and respect for them.

Grand Palace Bangkok ThailandGrand Palace Bangkok ThailandGrand Palace Bangkok Thailand Bonsai1Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

Going from luxurious estates to rougher surroundings, we headed to Khaosan Road for a little bit of shopping and some food.Khaosan Road Bangkok ThailandKhaosan Road Bangkok ThailandKhaosan Road Pad Thai Bangkok Thailand

It was a wonderful 3 days in Bangkok and I would absolutely recommend visiting the city. One regret for us was not to have enough time to visit the floating markets

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