3 things to eat in Santorini, Greece

Santorini has plenty of delicious food and wine on offer, but there are 3 products, specific to the volcanic island, that you have to try when visiting.

Santorini tomatoes

These are a variety of cherry tomatoes. They are known to be bright red and very sweet. The best way to eat them? Either on their own or in ntomatokeftedes (tomato fritters). You will find ntomatokeftedes in almost every restaurant on the island. They are commonly eaten as a starter. They are fried in olive oil, with peppers, onions, mint, and herbs in a thick batter.

Greek food aubergine dip fava tomatokeftedes
Aubergine dip at the top, fava in the middle and ntomatokeftedes on the right

White aubergine (eggplant)

The volcanic soil of the island help grow a rare vegetable: the white aubergine (or eggplant). This variety, unique to Santorini, has fewer seeds and a sweet taste. Many dishes on the island use it, you can also have it on it’s own as a dip.


Fava is one of the most famous dish in Santorini,  it is a yellow split pea purée. This dish is served warm with olive oil. It is sometimes topped with chopped onions or capers and served with fresh bread.

Greek food Fava
Fava topped with octopus

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