Lefkes – Paros, Greece

There are two things you HAVE TO DO when visiting the Cyclades, you have to stay in Paros and when in Paros you have to visit Lefkes.

Rent a buggy and drive up the Paros’ mountains, toward the centre of the island.

Buggy Paros

The first sight of Lefkes, from the road, could feature in Game of Thrones. The village looks like a little piece of marble in the middle of the arid hills.

Lefkes Paros

Park your car/vespa/buggy and get lost in the little paved streets.

Lefkes street ParosLefkes street Paros

The village is very quiet which is a welcome relief, no crowds of tourists there!

Lefkes street ParosLefkes street Paros

In the middle of the village stand the rather grand Church of Agia Triada, the second largest church in the whole of Paros.

Agia Triada LefkesAgia Triada Lefkes

Enjoy the smell of the bougainvilleas and sit at a terrace in the shade for a cup of café frappé (I told you I was obsessed).

Bougainvilleas Lefkes

Every corner of the village looks like a postcard…

Lefkes street ParosLefkes street Paros

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