Horse riding in Mykonos

Our trip to the Greek islands was our honeymoon, and while I was busy planning our wedding, Andrew was busy planning a dream trip to the Cyclades.

Being an avid horse rider, Andrew decided to surprise me one evening  with a 4×4 picking us up from our hotel and driving us to Mykonos Horse Riding‘s stables.

Horse Riding Mykonos

After evaluating our horse-riding level, our guide paired us with our four-legged companion for the next two hours.

Horse Riding Mykonos

Mykonos Horse Riding is based in land and the beginning of our ride took place in a village, Ano Mera, where the locals actually live which was lovely to have an opportunity to see.

Horse Riding Mykonos

We then headed toward Fokos beach, along Mykonos water reservoir.

Mykonos water reservoirHorse Riding Mykonos

Once on the beach, we had the opportunity to have a little break for pictures and a cuddle or two with the horses.

Horse Riding MykonosFokos Beach MykonosHorse Riding Mykonos

We then headed back to the stables as the sun was setting, ready for a tasty dinner back in Mykonos town.

Horse Riding MykonosHorse Riding MykonosHorse Riding Mykonos

Andrew booked the Fokos beach ride, which lasts 2 hours and cost 80 euros (including transfer).

Horse Riding Mykonos

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