The best okonomiyaki in Hiroshima

Commonly I title my posts with the name of the restaurants I talk about, however in today’s case I had to find an alternative because the place I want to share with you is called ふみちゃん 流川店. Perfectly clear for people who speak Japanese, less so for the rest of us!

As you would have guessed from the title, ふみちゃん 流川店 speciality is okonomiyaki, a pancake/omelette and a traditional dish in the Hiroshima region. If you want to learn more about this local dish and others make sure to check the list of the 14 foods to try in Japan!

Now ふみちゃん 流川店 may not have a Latin Alphabet name but you will be able to find it by copy/pasting the name in google map, AND I took a picture from the outside so you will know exactly how it looks like!


So once you are in front of a restaurant that looks like the above, get in! Inside you will be greeted by a busy dining room and kitchen. Traditionally most okonomiyaki restaurants have an open kitchen and the staff cooks in front of the guests.


I took this opportunity to spy on others people’ plates (or hob in that case) to be able to point at what I want when the waiter would take our order.


We were given the choice between a conventional western table or a traditional Japanese one. Andrew isn’t great at sitting on the floor (he’s weird, don’t ask) so we went for the conventional table.


Once seated a waiter, who didn’t speak at all English or French (fair enough), came to us, and followed a session of pointing at the Japanese menu then at the English one to place our order. We didn’t take too many risks and went for the classic okonomiyaki. We sipped on our refreshing beers while watching the chef cooking.


Finally our okonomiyakis arrived, and they were absolutely delicious! The layers of pancakes, noodles, pork, squid, cabbage and cheese melted together to create the most filling and tasteful dinner.


It is good to note that okonomiyaki is a very filling dish (again I have no idea how Japanese people stay that skinny but hey!), so make sure to come hungry to ふみちゃん 流川店 otherwise you will end up like me, sweaty and with bad ‘I am too full’ posture.


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4 thoughts on “The best okonomiyaki in Hiroshima

  1. I love okonomiyaki! We went to a place in Hiroshima that was a like a little village of okonomiyaki restaurants. So many places. We found a good one although I prefer Osaka style.


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